Need help with trying to get an XBox360 fightstick working on PC

I bought a Hori Fighting Stick VX a few months back. I tried tinkering with it to get it work on my computer, but no luck, since there were no drivers. But now, I guess there’s an official driver for it. When I plugged it into my computer, it installed the appropriate driver and everything seemed to be fine. The inputs show up fine on the Windows controller test. But none of the programs seem to recognize it. I’ve tried using X360ce and Xpadder, but neither of them worked. Is there some sort of fix for this?

That’s very strange, particularly since you’ve tried the xinput emulators. What programs have you tried it with? In a worst case, you could use an adapter or swap the pcb.

If its a 360 stick shouldnt it support Xinput without any emulators? What OS are you running?