Need help with TvC dual mod project

Ok so me and a buddy got a damn good deal on two tvc sticks and neither of us have a wii. I want to dual mod both sticks for ps3 and 360. So I’m on the waiting list for a few toodles chimp smd chips. Now that’s all fine and dandy for ps3 since its a stand alone. My question is can I use a wireless 360 pad hack to screw into the chimp? Common sense says yes since you cut the usb off the 360 chips anyway. I just want to make sure so there will be no hiccups. Mostly because its easier to come across those then wired 360 chips. Also once I get some of the chimp smds in I may need a little help putting everything so this thread won’t be dead just yet.

i kinda wanna know if i can get an Imp, mc cthulu, AND peeWii working on this.

Yes, but you need to get the latest revision of microsoft 360 wireless, because they are common ground, except in the triggers. Or get the PCB out of the Tekken 6 wireless stick, which is common ground. You could also get a Project Leo for double wireless with PS3, and triple wireless, since TvC plugs into wireless Wiimote. Read up:

Absolutely. They’re all common ground, so they all work just fine together. You won’t be able to share the same RJ45 jack for MC Cthulhu with the PiiWee, if that’s what you’re going for. But imp is for combining the USB data wires with a PS3 or Cthulhu PCB and 360, but you didn’t say you were going to use a 360 PCB, so I don’t know if you want 360 or not. If you don’t, then no need for Imp.

Thanks a lot. I was thinking of using my wireless 360 to put in it but it may be easier to just get a wired one. Ill have to look into or some more. Also anyone know any other site for chimp smd pcbs? Lizard lick has been out of stock for months now.

I thought the latest Microsoft 360 wireless PCBs were common line instead of common ground, making it unsuitable for dual mods unless you mad-scientist it.

No, Nerrage is right.

Nobody has them. The latest batch had a defective 4066N chip, and Toodles had to send back to manufacturer to have fixed, so nobody was able to get any for sale.

Also don’t forget to get a common ground xbox pad. Official wired MS pads are still common line for power so you’re gonna need to look for a
a) Madcatz xbox TE/SE PCB
b) Madcatz fightpad
c) Madcatz 4176 controllers (these require trigger inversion)
d) That newly found made in china microsoft wired pad counterfeit that was discovered as common ground

You can also substitute the Imp for a manual DPDT switch.

Ok guys im on the move. I got my madcats fightpad and am starting to pad hack it. I have four buttons confirmed working and im trying my best to daisy chain the wires together for the ground. I have an extra stick but was wondering if the stock stick would work for the padhack as well. Its already wired up and has its own ground. The ground is clearly marked but the other directions are just labeled 1 through 4. Does anyone know what direction is which? i would like to just solder the existing wires from the stock stick to the pads directional inputs. Also, anyone know an easy way to do a daisy chain?

it should be something like this,

although if you’re preserving the original tvc pcb, you can just look on the board and it will state which wires/directions the inputs will be

and daisy chains aren’t hard so i don’t know what your problem is

As mr. mortified said, the wires depend on your orientation of the stick’s PCB. Facing the direction away from the buttons, the order is Ground, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN.

Yes, can use Stock TvC Joystick for Padhack.

If cannot Daisy Chain, you can use the Ground of each button instead, too.

There’s a Ground for every button, so you can use lots of them.

Thanks guys. I actually got everything going pretty well. 6 buttons are working and i just need to finish it up and secure everything. The daisy chain was much easier then i imagined, i guess it was just a newbie worry thing. But everything is running great, the only thing i dont have working is the turbo and that home button. I not worried about that because i just wired the Guide button to the select button on the stick so no worries. Thanks a lot for all your help guys.

Good going. I recently dualmodded my TvC stick with a Dreamcast PCB as my first dualmod. I learned a lot and it works, so great! Glad you got yours going. I didn’t do a daisy-chain on mine b/c I had some wires from a canniblized TE body laying around (and I forgot to order QDs), so I’ll learn that later. I’d like to see your wiring. Mine is a complete rat’s nest. I started this and a T6 mod thinking I’d get my wires all clean like the pros on here, but I quickly learned why not everyone’s stick looks like that.
Good choice for a mod. I had originally planned to put a 360 fightpad in my TvC too, but I got a deal on a 360 SE so I went with the DC. That’s a heck of a stick and it’d be a shame to only have 3 games to play on it.

Here is it. Im going to try and ziptieing the wires to clean it up. I was surprised how well the pcb fit in that little slot.

So, did you not preserve the Wii functionality? I just don’t see where your classic controller wire is, unless you are doing a one-wire with a plug adapter. I kept the original wiring harness in mine, so I didn’t have room to put my pcb where yours is. I bent down the terminals on the buttons and rested the pcb on top with zip ties holding it in place and packing tape insulating the bottom panel. the stress relief on the DC cable fit in the slot for the wii cable, so right now my wii cable is just wound up inside. I’ll switch when I want to play Wii. Not an ideal setup, but if I was playing Wii that much it wouldn’t have been as obvious to me to dual-mod the stick.

Ah well i actually dont have a wii so i just gutted it out because i got it dirt cheap. i might dual mod it for ps3 when i get the cash for a dual strike.

Although I am not a Seimitsu joystick fan, you get extra points for including one in your mod.
That is actually really good for a first time project.

Lunchbox5388, you mount your Seimitsu short like that on purpose?

Ahhh shit I thought it felt to short. I thought it was just my huge hands. Its for my fiance though and she plays tekken and didn’t mind it. But just for my knowledge how should I mount it? I just kept the stick how I got it when I bought it and mounted it like that.

Thanks a lot. I’m pretty proud of it it since this is only my second time soldering. I like sanwa myself and that whats in my horistick. They are very nice though. They come with a nice restrictor plate with like 3 different settings. None good for fighters except for the one it comes with. I need to change out the last 4 hori buttons though. My God they are aweful. Lol