Need help with TvC dual mod project

You replace the Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate using now, with a Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate.
You mount the Seimitsu LS-32 side to side, instead of the top and bottom right now.

The Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate is how to correctly mount the Joystick.
The Seimitsu RE Mounting Plate is for different situation.

Because you had gotten the Seimitsu LS-32, it comes default with RE Mounting Plate.
The Seimitsu LS-32-01 comes default with SS Mounting Plate.

Ah I’m still a little unsure on how to fix it but ill mess around with it. It was one of the first things I did with the mod so I didn’t really look into all that much. Some button gave me some trouble because I had some cold solder points but I worked I out and fixed it with some frustration. By what your saying do I need a be mounting plate or can I use one from the original stick?sorry if iys a noob question lol this is all new to me but I’m loving the whole Modding part of sticks so I’m eager to learn.

You have this.

Need to buy this.

Lol perfectly worded. Just my style. Ill have to pick one up when I get some money. Thanks a lot for everyone’s help on this thread for helping with my first mod of many.

This is inspiring, great job. I too play on a TvC stick. I actually bought it for the Wii to play TvC and payed way too much for it. I hear they are like 40 bux brand new now, even cheaper used. I modded it with an LS-32-01 and sanwa buttons, and I’m using a Mayflash classic controller to USB adaptor to play on PS3. The tinkerer in me is itching to mod it to be able to play PS3 without the adaptor. You are dangerously tempting me to start. I haven’t soldered anything in over 15 years, what was the amount of time involved start to finish once you had all parts?

Once I got everything it took me about about a week to finish everything. Modding these pad are very very easy even for me. I had a few cold solder problems but once I fixed them everything worked great. I need to remount the stick because its to low but other then that I was very happy with the results. Once get the money to get a dual strike board ill be moding my hori and this stick. Which will be pretty damn easy with the screw in spots on the dual strike now.