Need help with Vega(claw) match-up pleaseeee

Any tips on how to get in and tips on what to utilize when Vega wakes up evasive back flip? GH works but any other suggestions. Main problem with match up are the charged wall jumps. Headbutts whiff 90% of the time for me. Is that just me or is there another option. Jump back HP works some of the time depending on what kind of wall jump ie slash, but with the grab one always whiffs. Pleaasee any tips on this match up is greatly appreciated

Use U2 and Vega will never want to jump again then abuse standing MP

If the vega thinks he can wake up backflip all day just os greenhand and spd him.

As for walljumps and flips, Blizzard is obv the thing to do, but headbutt isn’t hard and since they will have to deal with the stun they’ll usually back off and you can work your way in.

In my experience, jump back MP works as a better air-to-air vs Vega’s wall dive. I find that jump back HP will whiff if the Vega is higher than you (which is usually the case). You’re right with the headbutt, it can get scooped very easily if the Vega sees it coming.

In terms of getting in, if he’s not charging I find jump in MK to be a reliable opener. Vega’s anti-airs are standing HK, scarlet terror (flash kick), and air grab. Even then, the only truly reliable one is ST. Jump in MK will beat the standing HK at most distances, and no charge = no ST! No Vegas are brave enough to try to air grab a Gief with U2 stocked anyways.

Hope this helps!