Need Help with Vergil

Okay so atm my team is Trish B /Wesker B / Sentinel A

I want to have Vergil on the team with Trish and Wesker but what order should i have them in?

Plus how do I play Vergil and do those bnb’s with the spiral swords and such. Cause with Vergil all i am capable of doing normally is the standard air combo of air M,M,C, S, otg into super. ( which is really bad i know lol )

Any tips on how to play Vergil as a stand alone character?

I am able to do an unblockable with Vergil with Wesker assist while Round Harvest is making my opponent block.

Okay, so I’m pretty decent, and I can say this right away; Doing the Isedelica Combo isn’t a big deal, the damage is flashier than it is practical. However, to do it, all you want is to have your opponent off the ground, using the S,H Combo will bounce the opponent off the ground, or after a long combo, you can have Wesker pick the opponent off the ground and go from there. The easy mode version of the combo is to do Jumping Heavy Twice, then finish with the Shoryuken Motion Medium (Can’t remember the move name). The more advanced version is to buffer Round-Trip and throw it through the air, do the Vortex Slash Light, Then finish with the shoryuken motion Medium like before.

Anyway, that’s not what’s important as said before. You can’t build meter with Spiral Swords out anyway. Now with nothing to cover your teleport, you have to be selective about using it, I suggest Heavy Teleport most of the time. Now Trish B is her Trap, right? What I would suggest you do is try and goad your opponent into dashing in on you some how, then using your teleport when they least suspect it so they can get caught in the trap. Then just do a lot of damage!

As for how to play him as a stand alone character, Here’s some key points.

*Stinger Punishes - Using Pushblocking, you can catch your opponent on key points of their offense and nail them with Vergil’s stinger. Vergil’s Stinger can be cancelled into S, which can be cancelled into H, and back to S for an Air Combo. And since you have Wesker in your team, you can just pick them up again for more damage.
*Maximize Damage - With your Combos, you have to focus a lot on hitting the opponent a LOT and still managing at least 600K Damage. There are two main ways of doing it, and they all end with Maximum Vergil. A good way to do a good combo with Vergil is to do the following;
*L,M,H,Stinger,S,H -Link- L, M, H, Stinger, Teleport Light, M, H, S, -S.J.- j.M, j.M, j.H, Down H, Medium Teleport, OTG Pick Up, Maximum Vergil.
*L,M,H, Shoryuken Light +H, -S.J.- M,H,S - Teleport M, OTG Pick Up, Maximum Vergil.

Now if you noticed the Teleport Ms after the knock downs, those are to put Vergil and the opponent at Mid-screen. This makes Maximum Vergil do the most Damage. The Combos are just some ideas of how to do a lot of stand alone damage. You can also devise a lot of your own moves from these as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy using these to get you started with your vergil combos.

Any more questions?

What do you mean by “-Link”?

I mean that when you bounce them off the ground, you’re not comboing into that L,M,H like a normal move, you’re just starting the L,M,H over again.

I guess it’s a normal combo, but I just wanted to point it out.

Ah, I misread the above notation, but thanks for explaining.

Vergil’s really good with a lot of meter, if you can do his more advanced combos. No offense to the guy above, but doing “flashy” combos IS a REALLY big deal. If you want to get the most out of Vergil, learn at least one of his more “basic” advanced combos, because doing damage is what Vergil’s great at. I’ll leave a combo below. Anyways, a few pointers I’ve learned
[]The team order I’d personally recommend would be Vergil, Trish, Wesker for these reasons: Vergil works best with 2 kinds of assists: horizontal (to cover&make his teleports & mixup game safe) & OTG (for combo extensions, unblockables). Your team has both, with Wesker’s gunshot and Trish’s voltage I believe is called, the one that shoots a lightning forward. Trish can use Wesker assist to further her damage because she doesn’t do much by herself. & with Wesker XFlvl3 … well, do whatever you want, it’ll work. Now, you could put Wesker 2nd, so he to can cover his teleports with Trish also, but I’m not a fan of saving Trish last as opposed to dark wesker.
]DO NOT get in the habit of throwing out stingers, they have really high recovery frames if you miss, meaning if you do, your opponent has a long time to react & hit you. Use them wisely & if you’re sure you’re gonna hit.
[]Know the distance of his standing H, that’s his best poke with really fast startup (10 frames I believe). It has a ridiculous length that I believe is unmatched by any other normal move in the game.
]Don’t teleport unless you know its safe. Too many Vergil’s teleport at the start of a match without an assist covering them because they think its godlike, but a more than decent player will punish you hard for doing it randomly. Make sure Trish’s Voltage can cover you, or that your opponent has committed to an attack.
[]Do you play pad or with an arcade stick? Because either way, learn how to charge moves for his Roundtrip (spinning sword), because that’s a key tool for advanced combos and mixups
]Well, the combo I first learned with Vergil was cr. L,M,H,stinger(wallbounce), teleport M, st.H,S, SJ, air H, HelmBreaker(down H)(land), call wesker, lunar phase(shoryuken M), lunar phase again, High Time(down-forward H), dimension slash.
Or, if you start with LMHS, then you could air M,H,HelmBreaker, call wesker, cr.H, stinger(wallbounce), Teleport M, S,H,Lunar phase, High Time, super
That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, but trust me, learning those advanced combos really, really pay off once you put those hours in in training mode. If you are familiar with charging, go ahead and look in the combo thread, but in the end, once you’ve mastered his execution, his most optimal combo will look like this: [media=youtube]ZbytUVuh184[/media]

i agree with the order of vergil/trish/wesker
i use vergil/trish/x-23 which is basicallly the same makeup

but i also like to switch trish and vergil around depending on who the opponent is, i also swear by peekaboo but for this team i change it to voltage just because i think it works better for vergil this, the traps are good for anyone but i think they’re better for people who try to zone and altough i actually do zone with vergil at times having cover for teleports i think is more important

I have mostly been using the order Trish/Vergil/ Wesker but i guess i should try Trish with the high voltage assist to help Vergil’s teleports. I have mostly played this team to allow Trish to gain atleast 2 meter for Vergil to come into the match with bar.

well you can still play it like that, i play that order often especially against a certain point characters i face
it’s just i think with vergil you should be more concerned about making your approach safe, peekaboo does catch people a lot but if you’re in a long set with someone or just against someone that has trish experience it’s effectiveness drops a bit (still good mind you)

Just wondering, why you guys chose Trish 2nd as opposed to Dante 2nd. Character preference? I think weasel shot is a much better assist for both Vergil/Wesker, million dollar is a more damaging dhc from either Character. As a solo character, it’s just preference. Rapid slash helps Dante more than it does Trish because he can teleport jS into combo, for Trish it just gives her horizontal space. Samurai edge probably helps them both equally for combo extensions/unblockables.

yeah i’m a trish player before i’m a vergil player she’s on both of my teams, it’s really a trish team that i play and decided to add vergil because he has a round trip like trish and i know vergil’s assist doesn’t really help trish that much which is why she is second instead of first most of the time
and about the dhc i don’t really care about damage that much because vergil does enough on his own with 2 bars, i’d only dhc to get him out and trish’s dhc get him out safely as does dante’s so i don’t really think that matters
weasel shot is better then voltage imo too but does it go full screen? i don’t use him but i’m pretty sure it only covers a certain space