Need help with xbox 360 voice chat in a custom arcade stick


I’ve looked all over the forums here and was unable to find any thread relating to this issue.

I finished wiring my madcatz remote to my buttons and now wanted to implement voice chat into it. The first idea that came to mind was adding an extension cord to the voice chat slot on the bottom of remote (making it long enough to carry the slot outside of my arcade box) however, I had a lot of trouble finding an extension. All I was able to find were converters (convert 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm headphone jacks or vise-versa).

I ended purchasing a 2.5mm to 3.5mm and a 3.5mm to 2.5mm to connect them to each other in order to connect my headset at the end of them but for some reason, the mic does not work when I do that. All I can do is hear people talk but they can’t hear me. I also tested each converter on my pc and cell phone which resulted in the same thing. The converters seem to drop the mic signal when they are being used (only the speakers work).

If anyone has a rockband set then they know that it comes with an extension cord for the voice chat which works perfectly. So this was what I was looking for at the very beginning but no one sells them separately.

My other options are either leaving a headset connected inside my box … or opening and closing my arcade box every time I want to chat … or buying a very expensive wireless headset.

If anyone has resolved this issue or can think of any other way of implementing voice chat to a custom built xbox 360 arcade box then please do let me know.

Thank you in advance


All you need is a 2.5 MM extension cable. Cut off the male end and prep the wires. You should have 3. A bare ground, one for mic and one for ear piece. There are solder points on the pcb above the headset jack. If you need a pic, PM me.