Need help with xbox live

Greetings i’m having trouble with xbox live lately, when i play SFIV and i create/join a match i always get “Your connection to other players has been lost” or w/e it says, sometimes it happens on the character selection screen sometimes it happens on the second round. This happens on guilty gear also. Anybody else having this problem?

At first i thought it was the other player since i never get disconnected for xbox live, but its happening too often, i done everything i can but i must be missing something cuz i cant seem to fix it. Also im on a wireless network i got a cable in the mail just in case that’s the problem.

thanks in advance

personally i dont join or create matches anymore because either i drop out or my opponent does, just turn on the fight request option and play in arcade mode (it takes seconds for someone to join)

also i am not sure but with the update there seems to be alot of lag (might just be me but i havent had a stable fight all day/ since the update) so that might have something to do with it too.

yea it seems it was the game that was doing it and not my connection because after the update with the championship mode i have not had any problems, but yea i agree with you the update before that seemed to make things worst

you’re on wireless. thats your problem.

hook the xbox up directly to the router with a cat-5 cable.