Need Help with Xbox-Ps3 cross-platform controllers


We have a local community of Fighting Games, we are working now in local tournaments every Friday (different game each friday), freeplay and beginners nights, etc.
We are looking forward to create a local community of offline players, and help our local community grow. Whe would like to follow the steps of levelup-series, FocusFire, TeamSp00ky and many more.

We have noticed that in EVO and in many other big events, there is a “Bring your own controllers” rule, and the system is PS3.
And we don’t know what to do with the Xbox360 users.

If we host the tournament in Ps3, xbox users don’t like the controllers
and if we host the tournament in xbox, ps3 users…

We have Ps2 to Ps3 usb adapters, but i don’t know what to do to connect xbox controller into ps3, or vice-versa.
What do the Evo guy’s do with the 2 platforms problem?

Is there any solution? or we must force our community play in Ps3 pads/sticks?

Thanks in advance.

Evo players either bring their PS3 sticks, or get their Xbox360 sticks dual modded. Evo staff do not provide any sticks or tools, it’s the players responsibility to bring their own controller.

I can understand people not liking PS3 pads… but XBox users actually preferring XBox pads over… anything?

That said, I agree with Toodles. Bring your own controller, but players should be ready to have to play on another system. At the very least, for 360s, there are reliable PS2->360 converters being sold. I think I’ve heard of some people selling 360 to PS3 converters, but last I heard, they were anything but reliable…

If people are really serious about competing, they will get TE kitty kits and modify their sticks to run on both systems. Look two posts up in Toodles signature for Kitty information. That or buy a PS3 arcade stick.

Anybody that wants to compete with an stick Xbox 360 pad needs to adapt to something that will allow them to compete on PS3.

With a “bring your own Controller” policy there is no issues with people blaming others for being handed a bad controller.
As the players Select their on Pad or Stick, they have whats comfortable for them.

Stick to 1 system, from a purely technical prospective I preferably the PS3 over the Xbox 360 as they are historically more reliable and easier to manage for Tournament play.

Xbox 360 users can ether suck it up and get a PS3 pad or dual-mod there sticks.