Need help with YUN: how to land a complete Maeda-Jin (Kara HP Loop) combo on a crouching rival?


Recently, I started to practise doing a complete Maeda-Jin (Kara HP Loop) combo on a crouching rival, it requires 10+ hp based on your combo starter and ender.
As a new babie to Maeda-Jin,I failed and had some frustration. I see SHO doing this all time, and I know Yuki can do it also, but I myself could never execute 7+ hp.
A friend coming back from Japan told me the rythms of Maeda-Jin are different between standing and crouching rival, yet I lack details of the difference.

With that all being said, could someone share his success secret?


It’s just called hard punch loop or daipan loop.

There are a couple characters it’s harder on than others.

I know vs makoto it will break combo after 5 or so.

Practice on crouching chun. It’s easy on her.


Crouching characters will take more hit stun from the daipan and let you walk forward for a longer time/get more reps. It wil indeed drop on crouching makoto, who I would use keeper jin on. Some characters you may find yourself getting too close too and getting close mp/hp in the process of the loop. Just try different characters, and different setups into daipan loop to see the different spacings it will produce. It takes a general level of knowledge and comfort to pull out consistently in matches.


It’s definitely harder on her