Need help zangief hard trial 5



i just cant do it whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy any tips and advice fellow cyclone lovers


you can figure out the timing here:

the actual hard trial 5 thread:


the only advice i could give is just keep doing it. repetition fixes everything. it took me a few hours but i finally got my gief cube lol.


Turn the sound off

Turn the sound off, go in practice mode and just jump, hold df, knees,,,,

keep doing this until it’s semi-reliable. What you’re watching for is the orange flash on the tip of gief’s foot. once you see that, hit the button again. It’s actually quite slow.

to do the ex hands it’s not that hard, on the last go from df to db and then back to df + 2p.

so jump, df(hold), knees,,,, db,, df + 2p

and turn the sound off.


Keep an eye on the flashes that go by on Dan’s life bar, that’s all I did.

I think, but it was a long time ago that I did it.

Oh, and hold down forward when you’re doing it too, so the green thingy can come out more easily.


The question is whether you are using a pad or a stick.

for those who doesn’t want to use their own skills to pass the trial,

turn on turbo with your hori stick for LK and finish it.

For serious players… those who really want to use the combo timing in matches, first you have to understand that it is a link and not a chain. means you need to time the next lk right after the first lk animation ends.

try to get familiar with the sound like a beat… time it in your mind. use the knees as late as possible…

note: tap means

knee tap, tap tap, tap ex green hand combo…

practice them separately, starting with the easiest to the hardest.

tap ex green hand ( practice until you will not miss )

tap tap, tap tap, tap tap, tap tap, ( practice this until you have 50% of executing )

knee tap, knee tap, try your own rhythm. if you always end up missing the first all the time, try executing the knee in different timing.

so in the end…

knee tap, tap tap, tap ex green hand

note: the comma ’ , ’ doesn’t mean you can pause. it’s just easier for me to explain the 3 parts you need to master separately.

p/s: chaining means you can tap as fast as your hand can tap ( like cr.jab ) Linking is different, linking requires you to execute another move right after the first one ends.

hope this helps…

i didnt manage to do it on pads…
on sticks, took me 5 mins. ( after my previous timing trainings with my pads )

Any old threads on here that you wished you saved?

So you’re chaining those 3 lk’s and then linking the fourth?


nope all should be links…thats why its Hard Trial 5.links must have perfect timing especially for

but practical gief combos you won’t have to execute x4

twice is enough…


How come Hori turbo works for thos and madcatz TE doesnt? :frowning:


my guess would be the timing chip (555 possibly) they use in the stick to make the button repeat itself is set up differently. you get turbo on both, but the speed is in fact different.


Just get over with turbo sticks…its not a practical combo…

even the top ranking players from japan doesn’t execute that combo.
it’s harder, its range is shorter, its less damage compared to other combos.

the combo itabashi’s Zangief is this.

air down+HP, cr.jab X3,, ex Green Hand. 7 hit combo.

and its easier to do because the Cr.jabx3 is a chain so you can tap simultaneously, then link the with ex green hand… voila…

if you are not good at executing combos. try the light version. also from top ranking gief players

do the following.

jump mk, ( for best reach and anti air ), cr.jab or , ex green hand. 4 hit combo… successrate is very high and damage is not that far off.

edit: you’ll find the lighter version are best used when against opponents that can easily jump away or retaliate if your combos are not linked properly ( especially the ex green hand, if blocked you will get punished)

use the light version for barlog, Ryu, mirror matches with gief.


I see videos of itabashi doing the lk combo all the time. I don’t know what you’re talking about. It is a useful combo because a lot of times, you’ll be poking with lk which comes out faster than lp and it also hits low. Even linking 2 or 3 lks into EX hand is extremely useful. I doubt you’ll often need to link more than 2 or 3 lks together. But it’s definitely a good skill every gief player should have.

And are you suggesting finishing off the combo with lp GH instead of EXGH? That is ridiculous. EX GH gives a knock down. If you have hit confirmation, why on earth would you use lp GH? Even on hit, they can punish you. All it takes is for the gief to be mashing out SPD or worse, ultra and you’re screwed. Ryu, SRK into ultra. Balrog, cr.lp,, headbutt, ultra. Plus, if you see they are blocking, you should not finish the combo with any GH period.

And using turbo to complete trials is pretty retard. They’re not THAT hard. The trials are there for a reason. For you to get the mechanics down for the game. And the only way to do that is through repetition which the trials are designed for. They are there to improve your execution.




??? How is this not a practical combo? This is my main staple combo, 4x cr lk’s - ex hand…excellent wake up option. I hit it everytime, you guys just need to practice it


LoL, you guys need more practice. I do cr. lk lk lk lk ex-palm all the time. I don’t see why it’s hard to do. You just need to get the rhythm down.


(Hold :df:) :lk:~:lk:~:lk:~:d::df:+:3p:

peace .


Yep, I main Sagat and started picking up Gief so it was natural to use this shortcut.