Need help

Boulder trap loop??? How do u do it

Just do it. There’s no way around it.

combo into the corner > bear trap > boulder trap > [dash > S > tk boulder trap] > repeat

The timing is almost in the same timing as him saying “boulder trap”. “bou” [dash] “lder” [ s ] “trap” [tk boulder trap]

At least this is what I use.

Just out of curiosity, is the boulder trap loop really that damaging?

It is for raccoon, but after a certain point, it doesn’t matter. For me, I think the magic number is 3.

  1. It’s pretty easy to get 3 boulders to fall on people.
  2. @ 5 meters, doing this combo : LVL3 > dash slightly, oil bomb > dash, s.H > dash, s.S > j.L, j.H, j.S > oil bomb > c.H, s.S > j.M, j.S > bear trap > [boulder trap > dash > s ]x3 > log trap > jump backwards away from the corner, S > …

It builds exactly 1 meter to do another level 3, or if you had level 3 when you started, it builds exactly 1 meter to do rock n roll. Damage is meh, but SWAG. :smiley: