Need Help

Ok, So I wanna get a Mas. Most ppl say get a P360 stick but I dont play well with the short P360 sticks. Im more used to competition. I can get a MAS with Competition NEW for 100 and thats includes the shipping price. Or I can get the MAS with P360
for like 100 but its used. I would rather competition new. One last chocie would be a MAS with p360 for like 170. I play alot of 3s and mvc2. So, Which one should I get?

  • Justin, or u may know me as Jus91

If the competition stick is what you like, then I’d just get the mas with competition new for $100.

I agree…

Sounds like he already had his mind up… :confused:
And what’s with the vague topic title?

Get an all sanwa stick since u dont now what u want…:wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin:

there you go :).