Need Help



In Capcom vs SNK MIllenium Fight, what is a good strat for Sagat when dealing with people who are crossover happy.

And what is a good way to deal with EX Vice?


If you can anticipate the crossup coming, jumping backwards FP or RH will work. If you play in a roll groove you can simply just roll away too.

What is an EX Viceā€¦


heh i played alot of CVS2 and wanted to try out the version before it. And EX VIce is a Character you know VICE!!

EX is just a modification of her in the game. Different moves and shit.

Yeah so anyoen who reads this and see me as a noob well get this straight, i am a really good sagat player when it comes to CVS2, now im trying to get good with him in CVS1 considering mot many SF verisons have teh Muay Thai MASHER.

Just asking for some advice :slight_smile:


cvs1 and 2 are VERY different games. This is a cvs2 board. If you wanna talk cvs1, go to the other games strategy board.