Need help.


Okay, so I keep trying to call this Lizardlick place, but man they are bad about answering the phone.

In anycase, I want to order the drop in parts by Sanwa for my SE fightstick, but for the Joystick it says it doesn’t come with the wiring harness or something like that.

So let me guess, they are trying to suck you dry of more money by not including that piece, just to capitalize on the SFIV craze correct?

Or do I not need the wiring harness to begin with?

I’m trying to make this as cheap as possible, as I am ordering a lot from them. I don’t need to add to the already insane total.

Thanks for any help, since Lizardlick won’t even answer the phone to a potential customer to answer it themselves.


Just because I don’t like your attitude I’m not going to answer your question.


Yep. I’m sure they’re trying to milk you dry for aftermarket parts on a stick that you bought. If you think the total is insane… don’t mod it. If you think you can find parts cheaper… do it.

Seriously, some of these threads are like fucking children.


Megax11 - Lizardlick is incredibly busy filling hundreds of our orders, I don’t blame them for not answering the phone.

All your buttons are already wired up, you simply have to swap the buttons and reattach the wires.

There’s plenty of literature on this website to help you, you just have to look.


Ok so I don’t need a wiring harness then?

If not, I wonder why they mention it isn’t included in the first place.

You’ll have to forgive me, I don’t know all this tech stuff.

So all I need are the buttons and Joystick and that’s it?

Thanks again for any help.


At the risk of continuing to put you down…

Because it’s not Doc DIY’s Stick Depot. The normal customer is someone who knows what they’re doing in the first place. And while I’m sure the vast majority of people placing orders right now are modding SFIV sticks - Lizard Lick has been in business long before SFIV even came out selling parts to people with arcade cabinets.

That’s their business. Selling arcade parts.

It just so happens that they have the parts that you need.


So do I need a wiring harness?

Thanks again for any help.


Hahah, what?


No, you don’t. Go order it and get out of here.


No wiring harness needs to be purchased if you are modding the SFIV SE stick, unless you want to have one on hand as a safe backup plan. Your stick is wired inside with a wiring harness, which you will disconnect, and reconnect to the new stick. If you mess it up during the process, you will then need the seperately sold wiring harness to replace the one that was inside. The reason they mention it in the description of the item in the first place has nothing to do with your modding. Unlike Sanwa JLF, the Seimitsu LS-32-01 stick already includes a wiring harness. If you were building a custom stick and chose a Sanwa, you’d need to buy the seperately sold harness to connect it. If you bought a Seimtsu, you wouldn’t have to buy one. It has nothing to do with your modding needs and their chance to suck you dry.


No, JLFs also include the harness. LL is just offering a package for the SE sticks that includes a shaft cover instead of the wiring harness since the SE sticks don’t need a harness. This is obvious from reading the LL page…


OK my bad.


No, we don’t.

Shut the fuck up.

Seriously, shut the fuck up.

Chad doesn’t deserve this bullshit attitude from you.

Lizard Lick has a well deserved great reputation.

You’d know this if you bothered to do an ounce of research.

The search function is your friend.

Use it lest it be your only friend on this forum.


Wow, one would only hope this website doesn’t need positive buzz to keep it around.

I come and ask a question and have a general concern about how I feel a business works, and I’m being torn down for it?

You guys who are being rude are giving this forum a bad name. Ironic that I am called names, for calling people out, by people who are doing the very same thing they are mad one over.

To those who helped without being rude, thanks for the info.

EDIT: I hope everyone on these forums don’t act like some are acting here in this thread… Thanks again.




hey Im new to the forum, but FYI, I wont be posting any threads like that.

Why do kids always think everyone doing business is out to get them?

In any case, I think its funny that everyone is so spoiled now, with gasp snap in buttons that don’t require soldering. Geez…



No offense dude, but I’m brand new here, and I JUST ordered parts for my own custom stick from lizard lick, and even I can tell that your attitude SUCKS.

Seriously you are going to complain about some harness (or whatever)? As if the owners of lizard lick had anything to do with your chinese made plastic fight stick, or have anything to do with the way it is designed.

Stop being a fucking pussy, and go grab a soldering iron, and a multimeter, and make your own fucking harness. God knows what you would do without snap in buttons. BTW making claims about a business on a public forum, is considered slander, and you could be sued for it. and STFU.



I guess my attitude sucks just as much as everyone else choosing to come down on me.

That’s called hypocrisy.

I’m sorry if I don’t know all this nerd shit. It’s kind of why I asked the experts here.

People don’t have to jump in here acting all elitist over videogame nonsense, talking about things like “snap in buttons.”

Why is anyone here mentioning snap in buttons anyway? I don’t recall asking about those. Or are people just trying to act macho behind a keyboard?

Thanks again for all the help.:wonder:


Hey man, it’s just that these guys are constantly bombarded with threads like this, all of the info you had asked could easily have been aquired without even signing up, just by having a look around.
And LL is obviously a very well respected joint, slamming them will only bring wrath upon your head.


You precipitated all the rage that came down on you with your original post.

Which, incidentally, would be the definition of nerd rage, were you of nerd caliber.

Snap in buttons… in quotes. :razzy:

That took you of typical douche territory straight into used douche land.

It is not “macho” to defend the reputation of a good guy (Chad, of LL).

Seriously - you act as if you’re not even old enough to have pubes yet.

Your talking about anything even remotely related to manliness is laughable.

Shut the fuck up.