Need help


Well with me moving half way across the state I am in no position to have the availability to travel to all the get togethers and right now I am struggling against people online just because of lack of exposure to their character.

So my question is can I get some gamer tags for XBL of people that play character beside Ken and Ryu. I wouldn’t mind playing you guys its just seems like 60% of my matches are against these two and I need play others.

I have a few people that I have played with that play some characters that I literally know nothing about so I am struggling but still enjoy it.

Gouken - Elliot is usually on and I am gonna try and play him more ofter
Chun - Mandel and Ghrrk but havnt seen either of them on in awhile
I need a good Gief, Bison, Abel, C.Viper, Rog, but could use help with all the characters. So even if you play a character I didn’t list hit me up. I seem to face these a ton and struggle against them all so ya if you guys wouldn’t mind some skirmishes so I can try to stay up on my game because I really don’t want to just fall to complete scrub status because I can’t make the get togethers.

So ya please just leave your Gamertag and Character if your interested thanks :chat:


Akuma: b0kkin (zero) I’m on a good amount with a good connection


I guess you don’t want Seth action, no love.


I said even if i didnt list your character I still wanna play it man, it was just those are the ones I face the most that I am not familiar with Id love to play your Seth

Edit: I added you two hoping I can get a few more people thanks


bump need more people :slight_smile: