Need help


I am having trouble beating the game without using a continue my team is Storm cable and cyke. Any ideas what i should do? Thank-you.


If your main goal is only to beat the game without continuing, then use Cable as point and Cyke’s anti-air assist. FP x4 > Viper Beam > Hyper Viper Beam the whole way, or do the semi-infinites if you can execute them.

You can also run the timer out as Cyke by mashing FP. The CPU will just turtle in the corner and not move at all, though it won’t take chip damage either. I haven’t played single player on the XB360 yet, but it should still work, since it worked for every other iteration of MvC2.

Magic series with storm. If you learn the basics of the game, then you’ll find out that the computer is a joke.