need help



ok, i used to play ( since game released on ps3 ) with a ps3 controller ( analog stick ) and i was able to perform most of the akuma’s combos ( like “clk clp hp light tatsu fierce srk” or “cmk hadouken fadc BnB”) on matches without any problem ( except lag ).

i bought an arcade stick ( hrap3 ) and i was ready for some serious problems since it would be my first time using one. first day i jumped into training and realized that i don’t have any major problems with combos and can perform them not that bad ( 7 of 10) .

then i played online few days and my combo execution got worse and worse . i’m using stick for 2 weeks now and i cant even link hp into light tatsumaki . instead of tatsumaki i sometimes perform a shakunetsu.

i trained for an hour just linking hp into tatsumaki but I CANT DO IT. my timing is way of and it doesnt seem like getting any better. i also use ryu but i dont have any problem with him. i can do clp clp chp shoryuken fadc metsu with him but i cant link fuking standing hp into tatsumaki (i can do that with crouch hp) with akuma. HELP MEEEEE:sad:

i wasn’t using any technique like negative edge or input buffer for 1 frame links with ps3 controller. i trained alot to fix this so don’t tell me to "practice :slight_smile: ". i stopped using akuma because everytime i try to link tatsumaki i get an shakunetsu or nothing (eat a reversal). i also have problems with dash but i know i’ll get used to that.

i found out that if i use negative edge and keep light kick pressed while hp animation i can perform light tatsumaki after it but i’m not used to this and i don’t want to.
any opinion?


You have only had it for 2 weeks… I know you said not to say it but when I got my TE I had the same problems as you and the only way I could do the srk and stuff was to use shortcuts.

I just trained using games without shortcuts and did moves over and over again. I used games such as HD remix, alpha 2 and 3S to train.

I still have problems FADCing into red fireball and other FADC stuff(need to work on my linking as well) but I have only had my TE for about 3 weeks and like the old adage says

Practice makes perfect.


Keep at it, and sorry to tell you, but practice.

There is not much anyone can help you with.

Learn the timing with the stick, as you put in more time with it, the easier it will get.

But one thing is for sure, it will beat the pad in terms of execution when you do get it down.

If you are noticing there are problems ONLINE, well maybe you connection isn’t the best. If you can do it fine offline, but not ONLINE, well then, you just answered your problem on why you can’t do it anymore.


If your getting red fireball on accident then your holding the button down for too long. Tap it quickly, don’t press and hold fierce punch or else you’ll negative edge on accident and the red fireball will come out.
Also turn input display on in training mode to see if your directional inputs are correct and adjust accordingly.


thanks for responses guys.
to raweriio and Professor Stoli:
the first day i got the stick i could do the combos with a little error but still i played first 1-2 days very well. but the errors on timing got me after 3rd day. i guess online messed my timing. i can do infinite cmk hadouken fadc on training but can’t do the simple link like hp into tatsumaki. the weird thing is i could when i first played with stick and i still cant after all those training.
to CriTikAlx:
buttons are very sensitive and i’m trying to tap quickly but how do i get a shakunetsu motion? i jump forward hit hp, land , hit hp , and try tatsumaki. i guess it buffers forward jump’s forward motion and when i try to cancel hp into tatsumaki stupid shortcut gets forward back and fires a shakunetsu. i seriously cant perform a standing hp into tatsumaki without using negative edge on light kick… negative edge isn’t shown on input display.

aghh i’ll train my ass of for the love of gouki.


Inputs are super lenient QCB will get you a shakunetsu.


I used to get red fireballs in training mode by accident all the time when rolling my stick to do the LK tatsu. It was of course negative edge. Practice, practice man!


When I played on a Sanwa for the 1st time, I also had those same issues. It wasn’t until I realized that I have to get used to each combo pattern as if it were like 2nd nature. I’m not all the way there yet, but if you practice, practice, PRACTICE (Allen Iverson, LOL!) You’ll get there.


Actually it won’t. It may seem like you’re only doing a QCB, but you’re actually hitting d/f before the QCB. The most lenient input for a HCB in SF4 is d/f, d, d/b, b.


^this. I had the problem for all of 15 mins then whoosh no more df… problem solved.


Actually, I’ve been really frustrated with this all last week I’ve been learning, HP xx fireball, fadc, HP xx lk.tatsu, HP.SRK but the lk.tatsu wud almost never connect and redball came out.

youre right about negative edge, but i held down fierce punch since it was THIS input that was interrupting tatsu. with FP held down, there can be no shaku at all, so lk.tatsu had the stage.

and plus, 2 weeks with a stick…keep at it sir.


i dont know how to explain it

first of all
i i went for my blockstring
most of the shotos and sagat srk me after the second lp oO
i know a lot of ppl would say your execution is not good but no i dont think
so every time i play with my brother offline i get it most of the time like 95 %

second thing happend to me for 5 min
akuma mirror match
i went for a demon flip dive kick hit him while he block and want to do a c.lp after that and between the dive kick hit he buffered the demon and it hit me
is that normal that i aint on frame adv. if i do the demon flip dive kick ???

it makes me so sad :frowning: