Need help!!!



I believe I have a great Blanka, but I seem to be taken out really easily by a defensive shoto, any tips? Also, are there any tips to make Blanka’s ground game stronger? I am always being punished when im trying to start a combo, because basically all of Blanka’s combos require an aerial start up. Any tips about my 2 problems?

  • Out turtle the defensive shoto. Stay at max range of slide and do slide when he does a hadouken.
  • Don’t do Blanka’s jump-in combos unless you are sure he won’t be able to punish you. Based on your post, I’m guessing he’s waiting for your jump-ins so don’t bother jumping.


sup man. I do pretty decent vs shotos.

  • in close i do crouch short x2, standing jab, cancel into hori ball as far as a non air combo.
  • if they throw fireball and you dont have time to slide, FA > dash Throw or combo above.
  • when you have a healthy health lead, stay max range and FA every other FB and jump over the next. I wouldnt do CC too much because they can sometimes follow up with super. Especially sags kara dash.
  • If they have meter + ultra, I dont even bother crossing up. A traded dragon punch and your dead, once again, especially vs Sag.
  • Overall I wouldnt worry bout combos… Just hit and run.


hey L2P, that should help, sounds like u have a lil Sagat trouble tho, mind if i tell u about a pretty good blind spot he has? If ur not afraid 2 get close, which i say the strategy should be, get close 2 him and use a vertical jump. he has no attacks that can reach u, as all of his attacks have a pretty big arch and angles. after jumpin, demolish him!


jab TU is pretty much verticle bodywall hitbox.