Need help?



My main is Honda and I need serious help against Dhalsim. This is a match that I can’t win no matter how hard I try. If anyone is willing to help me, send a message to me on Xbox.
Thanks in advance.


The questionmark in the subject title is a bit misleading :frowning:

I get scared of honda once he’s in range to sweep; just slowly make your way there and you’ll have a shot.


My bad, forgot to take it out when I wrote it.

My big problem is getting in. His limbs cover too much of the screen and the Dhalsims that I play don’t fireball much, so it makes it even harder to get close.


It shouldn’t be hard to get close if they don’t fireball much. Focus the limbs and dash forward. You need to just creep forward. If Dhalsim teleports then punish. If you miss teleport punishes that’s a big deal. You need to go into training mode and plug in Dhalsim’s various anti - airs (specifically standing roundhouse) and see which of honda’s normals beat it and what the timing is on them.

Honda has enough stamina to take some hits on his way in. You could EX headbutt (i believe is safe on block) if they’re not fireballing… You could do a headbutt that lands a bit short of them, as well.

Anything that gets them closer to the corner is a win for you.


honda is one of my worse matchups cause I’m scared of him. There’s a really good honda player on my team and he destroys me each time we play. Anytime he thinks im going to back dash to gain space he’ll headbutt to punish. Jump in medium punch and i think heavy leads to the mix up between hands, throw or headbutt to punish the backdash should i expect the throw ><. Patience is really the name of the game against sim. Usually sim just wants to sit back and fireball to punish your random headbutts and limb to punish random buttslams(cant recall the actual name) tho sometimes when i try to punish it I get hit i really need to look up the frames on that. Anyway I’ll send you a msg on XBL next time I’m on we can both learn more about the matchup.


If you REALLY want to backdash you can FP yoga fire -> FADC backwards.


Dhalsims that don’t fireball often are the worst for me. The limbs are really hard to get around. I need ex to either beat for trade with his fp. Also buttsplash is useless because he can stuff it out with or The fireballs aren’t the problem, it’s the limbs.


Then they’re not choosing when to fireball properly and you’re not punishing the limbs. You have way more stamina as honda so you could effectively sit at full screen. If the sim decided to s.fp you could crouch jab it or something and just sit on the life lead. You can headbutt limbs too, for free.

If Sim is getting poke happy just charge focus and keep charging it until sim pokes. Release to counter hit and dash forward out of the FA. You’re not only closer, but you hit them, and sim is a bit more afraid to throw pokes without a fireball (which is not very smart against honda).

The fireball creates not only an obstacle over which you must jump to advance through (setting you up for a standing roundhouse or jump strong. It also protects the standing poke from being focused, etc.

Maybe when you say that the sim doesn’t throw fireballs you mean that the sim doesn’t throw fireballs in situations that make them vulnerable to a simple jumping fierce.