Need help

i started this game about a month or so and have only reached g2E,my question is there anyone out thats willing to ply with me onlie for 1 hr or so few days a week?i need someone that knows combos and knows the game and moves etc…reason im being specific is because i want to know who willing to teach me some moves and combos online for a bout 1 hr and i will pay $40-50 and send it thu PayPal or by mail check?any advice or tips be great thank you and i need some skills lol,i l keep losing,im using ryu,ken,dhlalism and sagat and gouken but on undecided who to pic as main thats thwt u ngys help thanks

P.S. serious inquirie only,im dead serious about paying someone to help m play better

2 things. 1) Don’t offer money because then people will try to help you for the wrong reasons and it would do much more wrong than good. 2) This is SRK, an online library of the possibilities of Street Fighter. A big part of becoming a good player is being able to do things for yourself. Read the stickied threads and ask questions in each characters forums.

Hey man,

There are XBOX live good games threads (and for PSN too) - just ask people on these threads if you can arrange a time to play, then they can leave feedback for you on the thread.