Need Image editing help

If this request is too fuckachunkz let me know but I have absolutely no skills when it comes to editing images so I come to SRK once again for assistance

I attached the pic. I just want Supergirl singled out on a white background. It’s gonna later go on a white stick so I don’t want the other background to get in the way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A real bitch for a bunch of reasons.

Not exactly the largest source image.
Pretty high JPEG compression which results in the odd weird coloured pixel and un-sharp edges.
The image was artifitially lit and so the contrast in places makes “quick selection” virtually impossible.

Lots and lots of manual editing required. :wasted:

PM me if you want the .PSD file.

The Supergirl logo, or the Supergirl character?

I hope he meant the girl :rofl:
No point in cutting the logo anyways, IMO as you can recreate that from scratch.

Holy shit thanks!
I’ll take the psd file whenever you have time too