Need info + advice. 3 or 4 button Sticks for PSX and Saturn Saturn

Hi all! I’m looking for good stick for PS1/PS2 or Saturn.
Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick + 3 or better 4 button layout.
What stick can you recommend?

What can you tell about HSS-09, HSS-12, PS2 Hori Virtua stick? What parts they have? Any pictures from inside?

Thanks a lot!

All three of these sticks are going to be Hori sticks/buttons. Are you specifically looking for a three/four button layout?


It looks like HSS-09 are the cheapest. Are hori parts any good(comparing with sanwa & seimitsu)? Are they easy to mod? Can i add 4th button to HSS-09?
Maybe anyone have pictures of inside?

They look like all Hori sticks with the PCB mounted to the buttons. Not much room to modify with Sanwa parts. The Hori parts are ok, not a precise as Sanwa & Seimitsu. What type of games do you plan to play with a 3/4-button Hori?

Of coarse you can add another button to the Hss-09, if you have the skills.

I want to play VF, SNK 4button games, PS2 and DC shumps ( i have psx to dc converter).
Two weeks earlier i was about to buy PS2 VF4 stick, but i missed a good deal on e-bay…
At this time i thinking about buying HSS-09, drill hole for 4th button, change buttons to sanwa, change Saturn pcb to PSX (padhack)

Inside the VF4 stick…

VF4XeN? by }SR

Thanks for pics!
I still haven’t decide what stick should i buy or maybe i will build 4-button custom