Need Info ASAP: Seimitsu Stick LS-32-01 measurements

Hi All,

Need this really urgently. I don’t have an LS-32-01 Seimitsu with me right now otherwise I’d check myself…

Can someone help?

How far does the PCB hang hang out from the mounting plate on both horizontally/vertically (although I think it is symmetrical)… Can someone measure in millimeters to see how far it hangs out?

Also does anyone know where I can get an LS-32-01 Asap? I already checked with Lizard Lick and ponyboy. I need one FAST.

Help plz.

Just measured it and the PCB hangs out 8mm on both sides from the mounting plate.

THANK you very much.

This is VERY much appreciated.

Also, if anyone has one (i know this is probably better suited for Trading Outlet but…) I need an LS-32-01 asap. Doesn’t matter if it’s new or used. Just has to be complete with s mounting plate and pcb around it.

try akishop…

At the risk of sounding n00bish, here is a pic from the catalog: link. I don’t know if the full catalog has more.

Actually, I have an LS-32-01 with an S mounting plate lying around in a storage box. I can get it out for you, but I don’t know how to pack it. I mean I can try my best, but I don’t know if I can guarantee it’s safety. I won’t be able to go to the post office until around 4PM EST, though.

I already have those pics, the important thing I needed was the measurements I requested.

Per already got them to me though.

Thanks everyone for the help! I ended up ordering 2 x sticks via Himura on ebay… I hope he comes through X_X

Thanks for the offer as well VPT! I’ll hit you up if I don’t get my stuff from ebay.