Need info for VEWLIX CLONE

Im interested to buy this cabinet

LCD Metal Cabinet 32 inch with horizontal screen - Cabinets Only - Full Machines - Arcade Video Game Coinop Sales - Coinopexpress

I already contact them and they told me

is 1500$ for the cabinet + 500$ (for shipping to canada)

How the monitor? look good? lag?
Do you guys got any info or feedback about this cabinet?


** some info i found on srk **
Vewlix Clone Info:
The factory set up the cabinet with 32 inch LCD screen

  • LCD brand name: Qimei (made in Taiwan)
  • Specification: high resolution 32 inch LCD 1366x768 (max.)
  • Input lag of LCD screen is 6.5ms.
  • Power supply
  • 3 keys and lock
  • HD LCD screen, 32 inch
  • ABS plastic panel (some parts in metal’s plate) - with iron base
  • Sanwa joystick and push buttons (2 player control panel)
  • electronic coin selector
  • 28 pin jamma connector, stero amp

Try looking in this forum.

I’ve tried to do the same thing myself, but there seems to be a lot of problems dealing with shipping itself. It might actually cost more than what they had originally quoted you.

The other thing is that it might be a little tricky sending your payments to them. I believe they only take a maximum of $500 via paypal. Therefore, even if it did cost a total of $2000, you would have to send it via Western Union (which of course isn’t as safe).

I eventually gave up and found a guy who built me a vewlix clone from the Donovan Myers plan. Here is mine: Custom Vewlix

I wish i know someone can build this for me…

Do you mind tell me how much u paid for that? and how long is take?


this is the link…if you plan to order a Vewlix cab clone from a woodworker.

Vewlix TE Complete Guide|Donovan Myers

Thanks for the link.

I found one woodworker in my city and he ask me total 3700$ …damn

Damn. What a ripoff. The guy who did it for me had a CNC machine. He did it for me for $350. He lives in Fort Worth though. He did mention something about trying to figure out if its feasible for him to just sell kits and people can just put them together themselves.

That’s cheap. If he could make it so that it’s very easy to assemble then I don’t think he would find it hard to sell kits. Being one of those who had one made, I would like to see options such as different control panels (default would be TE ready, full wood panel or metal top panel). I guess if he can have them painted and finished as well, and keep everything below $500, i’d jump on that as well.

Just get a SkyHigh Namco Noir replica instead, 300$ more well worth it. BTW the monitor has been said to have noticeable lag + the frame isn’t as solid as a official viewlix.

That dude would make a lot of $$$$! :tup:

One of these days i’d like my own full-size mame cab, such as a vewlix. As i have no tools & knowledge(nor desire lol) to build it myself, i’d definitely be looking to buy a Kit with all pre-made panels that i can just assemble.

Honestly if he can build and ship to me… even for 1000$ I will pay it. No joke.

Locating a Japanese style cabinet in the US on the east coast is troublesome… I’ve been looking at Donovan’s plans and the one player set up that ericleroi made.

I’d like to find one of those Noir cabinets, but I’ll probably build my own… tragedy will be in my build thread…

As for the clone… Its a solid case and the monitor cant be that bad, worst case scenario, you replace it with a lagless or lower lag monitor.

I think someone else recently made their payment and started the ordering process for a Noir style cab from that company as well… forget who…

Almost done with mine. Any 32" LCD recommendations would be great…

very nice!! :stuck_out_tongue: whats gonna go under that bad boy?

is the original vewlix made from wood? Or does it have plastic?

Most likely plastic, seeing as it’s a mass-produced arcade cab.

Plastic is more durable, cheaper for bulk-build & lighter to ship AFAIK

yup, plastic might be better

One nice cab.

Hey dude, nice build! Are you going to decase the tv? It’ll look pretty sweet if you do.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s the best way about doing that. The other thing is that I’m scared shitless to do so. You got any links I can read up on?

I’m gonna use a x360 and just hack some PCBs

Seem to remember there’s some pics at BYOAC for someone making a video pinball machine (full size playfield). Can’t locate it at the moment. It’ll look something like this though:

Pinball Cab 42" LCD Playfield