Need Info please

Does B.B. Hood’s Missile(hold b-f+hk)Infinite only work on Servbot or can it be done to other characters. And does she have other infinites besides the happy missile(hold b-f+hk).

ray sux

hey clayface ray sux(spidey akuma cable):lame:


hey clay face do you really wanna teach ray how to play ,if you do i already got some combos for him to learn:eek: :eek: :eek:

yo clayface

how bout some replies???:o




can he see or is he blind?:cool:

yo clayface i think no one has baby bonnette hood info…maby its rare to find bb hood players?:frowning:

bbhood’s smile & missle inf. should work on everybody. she should also have some sort of jumping infinity.

and switchblade… god damn. I’ve never seen so much useless spam


sorry man clayface is ma homie so im tryin, to keep his thread up top so people will help him:D

She does have this other infinite against Sentinel with a jumping lp,lp HP but is too hard of timing but you can do it anyway to keep them done for a couple of seconds, it is really usefull; always do it when you get the chance with a Doom(AA)especially in the corner, it holds them down. Also with that missile infinite in the corner, it is hard timing after the second missile so what I do is: jump in HK(opponent in corner) HP missile,HP missile, quickly after the second missile hold back down then press HK then do another HP missile, HP missile then down back(Charging) lk HK missile then Cruel Hunting(Not right after the missile but when the opponent reaches about the apex of their knock up from the missile then Cruel Hunting.

Also with that infinite in mind what you can also do is after the first or second missile(Hp) you do a s.Hk (they get hit by the,it might by unrollable I am not sure.Also you can’t do this against a Sentinel so keep that in mind.)then trade to another character(which knocks them up alittle to get hit by the trade) which can be useful if you have a im or wm on your team to go right into the infinite. But it is easier said then done. :xeye: