Need info please

Does Jill have any infinites?

nope, the only thing I can think of is her resets, but that only works on foos who roll too much. (cr. lk, lk, hk, lk zombie, repeat).

EDIT: Deleted a combo that doesn’t work, replaced it with another LK zombie reset combo.

This isn’t technically an infinite since it resets the combo counter, but it might be close to what you’re looking for: an inescapable (as far as I can tell), repeatable LK zombie setup. Easy 100% on pretty much anyone, though it’s tough to get them caught in it since they have to be standing or crouching in the corner when you start.

Jill w/ Zangief-A assist (or Akuma-expansion, but Zangief-ground is easier):

[s.LP, s.MP, call Zangief-A, s.HP, call LK zombie, wait for Zangief to finish hitting, s.LP (juggle), s.MP (juggle), c.HP (juggle/launch), superjump, sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.MP, sj.MK, qcf+LP (the zombie will grab the opponent after this), land] repeat brackets

If Jill winds up in the corner just jump back to the other side while the zombie’s biting your opponent, he’ll hold 'em there long enough for you to make it with time to spare.

Thanx for the info.