Need Input From 360 D-Pad Users!

As the title says, I need input strictly from 360 d-pad users. I’ve made some observations while using this hunk of shit, just wanna see if others agree.

  1. Balrog’s attacks are less responsive. I could charge for the MGU with Dee-Jay and it will work, but charging for the buffalo headbutt with 'Rog comes out <20% of the time. Sometimes I even get a dash punch by mistake.

  2. Vega’s flipkicks are not responsive sometimes

  3. Blanka will many times do his forward-slide when I charge the horizontal ball

  4. Chun-Li and Dee-Jay’s moves generally work well, though sometimes Dee-Jay’s Jacknife Kicks will make him just jump back.

  5. Bison’s headstomp almost never comes out, he just jumps back. Doing lk. scissors > cr. mk x 2 > lk scissors usually makes the scissors whiff.

  6. Honda is pretty responsive, I manage to play him decently though sometimes his jab headbutt won’t come out 3-4 tries in a row (this costs me a match here and there)

Anyone else? I guess what I’m trying to get at: why do some moves whiff while others complete if there are the same motions? Anyone notice this? Agree? …Disagree???

I use the 360 pad so I feel u pain bro, I also happen to main fei with it to make matters worst lol. The only realy true bit of a advice is just continue fighting with it untill u get comfortable…I know it sounds lame but it’s the truth. In my case, I found that the 360 pad doesn’t reallly respond to quick imputs so u really gotta take ur time to make sure every motion is accounted for. With fei, I can do a AA juggle CW-CW-Flame Kick almost consistently just by being very patient with how I imput the motions. This isn’t to say the pad is completly reliable however, I would still say I only have about a 80% execution rate which usually happens if I get to nervous and start motioning my imputs to fast. Just be patient and try to stay relaxed when using it, if u can manage that then u should have no execution barrier with the pad.

Use. The. Analog.

once you have fixed the pad it responds to fast inputs a heck of a lot better. and just overall works much much better. i really can’t stress this enough. the stock d pad is just so terrible, the (very slightly) modded d pad is up to ‘OK’ status or maybe even ‘not that bad’

i dont know how people use the analog. too loose for me.  although Jiggly more than proves it can be done(extremely well in his case too).  i guess practice is the answer there.  i also thinks it matters whether you grew up using analog sticks or not.

The analog sucks, I’ve tried it. Its too random for me and I often whiff…everything. Knotty - what do I search for if I want to learn about this sanding method?

here is one with some pics. i sanded mine down even more than this guy. If you do the mod correctly you should be able to press and hold a direction on the d-pad and have it not hit the surrounding plastic.

the only part that was hard at all was getting the controller unscrewed. and that was only cause i didnt have the correct bit. you will be amazed at the difference.

Well, you’ve seen me fight with it. Just give it some time.

im a pad user, but I gave up on the standard 360 pad and got the hori pad. The d-pad is 1000000000% better. The only bad thing is that it becomes uncomfotable after prolonged use.

I been playing SF with D pads for years, and the 360 pad is the worst pad for fighting games. Its especially bad when playing SRK motion fighters. I use a charge fighter (blanka), so its not so bad. I just got so very used to it now, I hardly have any problems with it, maybe because of all my years playing SF with a Dpad.

But I dont know why Microsoft designed the XB360 Dpad so very tight, not allowing free movement of the Dpad with all the unecessary plastic surounding the pad. On my older XB360controller, I took a knife and carved out all the plastic surrounding it. It took a long time and I did a very sloppy job with it, but the pad moved around freely and worked a lot better, but eventually the pad stopped working, maybe because I damaged it while carving out the plastic. so I had to buy a brand new red XB360 controller, it looks nice so I dont want to carve it (lol). But I play fine with the regular XB360 Dpad most of the time, but it DOES fail me sometimes as well . I’ll probably just leave it the way it is, at least for now.

There are some guides on youtube on fixing your Dpad. Its probably useful for those who are frustrated with the XB360 Dpad

This looks like a good time to ask: anyone strongly recommend the Madcatz d-pad controller? Anyone strongly oppose it? I watched Irepressible’s review, wanted to get some more insight from others. Thanks for everything so far!

I didnt like the madcatz, but you may love it, so give it a try, but I highly reccomend the hori xbox controller, the d-pad is so much better and its cross shapped like the snes d-pad, but a bit bigger.

I use the 360 D-Pad and I don’t have any of those problems. With Bison, you just need to charge longer than most people. Otherwise, work on making a straight line from up-to-down or back-to-forward with your thumb. I’m not dissing the analog stick, but no, you definitely don’t HAVE to use it to play effectively with a 360 pad. Just learn how they feel compared to other pads, and be aware of it; for example, when I do a Qcf motion on the 360 pad, if I go to what FEELS like forward, I jump. So, I do what feels like D, DF + P and it works.

i use the Madcatz SF4 controller, and considering its not too expensive, its a LOT better than the shit Xbox one.

buy one, and if you dont like it, post it to me - i’ll need it next time I get bitten to death by blanka because im going to break something next time LOL :slight_smile:

Jiggly has blessed this thread with truth.

The SF4 fightpad sucks ass. For SF2. Use the analog, it’s pretty damn good after a while.

just get the hori xbox 360 control pad…problem solved

me too dont like using the analogue…i mor used to using D-Pad :smile:

now im looking to get one of the hori 360 pads…are they worth it?
& dont them pads have a turbo function ?

yes they have turbo buttons but only for the 4 face buttons.