Need input from Xbox360 owners

The DOA4 stick and the new Hori 360 stick both have their six button layouts like this:

B  X Y

The default layout for the original Xbox games is like this:

X   Y   LT
A   B   RT

My question is, if you had your perfect layout, for playing both the Xbox360 fighters (DOA4, VF5, SF2:HF, the new ST, etc) and the backwards compatible Xbox fighters (MvC2, AE), which layout would be best or easiest? I’m going to setup a piggybacked DOA4 pcb into my stick, and I’m debating which layout to use, and since I don’t own an Xbox360 yet, I’d like input from 360 owners. Which layouts do the Xbox360 fighters (which for six buttons means Hyper Fighting I guess) default to? Which layout would be the easiest all around?


it’s how i set up my modded doa sticks and is the default for hyperfighting as well as backwards compatible third strike.

if vf5 default on 360 follows the trend with the layout of sixaxis then it will be

x guard, y punch, b kick :looney:

Which color Black or White, corresponds to what Trigger?

When I had my custom 360 stick built, I requested this layout because it made sense:

X - Y - LB
A - B - RB

The four main buttons were laid out similar to the gamepad, so it was easy to navigate menus (both in-game and 360 guide) without button labels. The Hori layout is not intuitive and should be avoided. The trigger buttons were placed on the front of the stick so that I didn’t lose the functionality of those buttons.

I believe Black and White correspond with LT and RT respectively.

EDIT: According to Sugar, it’s the other way around. My apologies.

i put the triggers in the middle(strong + forward buttons) so i could play umk3 on live cuz you CANNOT configure controls in the game, at all. if you dont care for mk, ever, then yeah, i would say lt and rt at the end for fierce attacks

I think I’d rather learn to play with run and block on the right side. Besides, never really been a big MK fan.

White is left bumper and black is right bumper, on AE though they swap with the triggers. That means that black is RT and white is LT. I don’t know if it does this on HF since I haven’t played that in awhile.

they have the config right

and on HF its really easy to swap config so its no big deal for that