Need input help with FCB

I’ve just recently started getting back into fighting games, since a long hiatus (stopped playing around MK3 / Tekken 3 time). I’ve been practicing a bit with SSFIV:AE, but no matter what I do I can not land the full circle back motions with any sort of ease in training, let alone in battle.

Take for example Zangief’s Final Atomic Buster, I have not been able to land that once in training. Occasionally I can do the spinning pile driver, which is 1 motion. Most of the time I end up jumping.

I have a Hori EX2 that I picked up on the cheap (figured I’d invest in a TE stick if I keep my interest long enough), with the stock square gate. Any thoughts or suggestions how to make this move easier to hit? When I look at the input display it looks like the arrows are going around properly, it just doesn’t execute.

Just for clarification, I’m referring to the motion below, specifically the 2x part of that for ultra / supers. Any help would be appreciated.

You’re not going to be able to do 720s without accounting for the fact that it makes you jump in some way. Therefore, you find specific times to input the motion when your character is busy doing something else, which will prevent the jump from coming out. This is called “buffering.”

  • Inputting the motion during a jump (downside: is usually really really obvious)
  • Inputting the motion during a whiffed normal move
  • Inputting the motion during a dash
  • Inputting the motion during blockstun or on wakeup
  • etc.

For 360 motions (one circle), you can do them standing due to the fact that you don’t need to do a full 360. If you start from :f:, you can end at :ub: (or :u: in most non-SF4 games) and still get the SPD to come out. Therefore, as long as you do the motion relatively quickly, you can execute the move before your character jumps.

The Zangief sub-forum has more tips on this technique, I’m sure.