Need input on if idea is good/bad

So I recently found out that there is an arcade near where I live with an ultimate set-up, and you can use your own controllers. But it is one of those ‘25 cents for a few minutes’ set ups, and some people recommend throwing in an extra quarter so you can have time to set up your buttons if you don’t use the default control scheme. Also I’d likely throw an extra one in when I was done so I could set it back. I’d hate to think I was jipping someone else after I left.

That said, I use a really ‘strange’ button configuration, and I know it was kind of annoying at EVO to switch every match cause capcom put in the terrible way to config buttons.

So I was thinking, what if I rewire my controller so that the buttons all correspond to the default (alpha) control scheme, and this way I’d be able to have my custom control scheme anywhere really easily, I just know to plug in to alpha control scheme and I’m good to go.

I know this might be disorienting for buttons but its fine cause my girlfriend can print me out different graphics for my control stick (she has all the stuff, I like customizing my stick), and I can have all the buttons labeled properly.

Any thoughts on if this is a bad or good idea? It doesn’t seem like a bad idea but I want to make sure I am not overlooking something.

Thanks for everything.

If you’re controller isn’t dual modded and only you use your controller, there really isn’t anything wrong with doing this.

The only disadvantage is that that button layout may not correspond with other fighters you will play, making it odd to setup your buttons for those games.

Exactly. If you don’t play any other game? Sure. If you do… Kinda screwed it up.

What ever works for you.