Need jlf flat mounting plate asap


im in neeed of a jlf mounting plate as soon as possible heres a link of stuff i have to trade or ill buy it


I have 3 extra flat JLF mounting plates.


did u see anything u wanted on my list?


Oops, sorry. No sir, I really don’t see anything I want. How about you just pay for whatever it would cost to send priority mail and the envelope?


I need two JLF-P1 flat mounting plates, if you or anyone else has some extra.
Lizard Lick isn’t taking orders till April and the only JLF sticks I can find for sale are without the mounting plate. Thanks!


I have a plate with screws that i have left over from a tekken 5 stick mod i just did.
patmonsta- only things i saw that i would want is the t5 case and the psx pcb. One is sold the other is pending. LMK whats up


I need a mounting plate for a JLF as well.


i need one too! and a harness if any one has them laying around, i can take them off your hands


I could also use a JLF mounting plate. PM me if you have one available.


wow this thread has been completely hijacked I have one for $6 shipped. Biddly-boo. I don’t want to trade for anything in your thread sorry.

edit :sold


It seems to me that if you are using this for the SF4 sticks, the stock plate will work if you can get the screws out.


Found a few mounting plates on eBay (just picked up two myself):


Damn it, missed out on the ebay mounting plates. Anyone else got any? I need 2.


i need one too i will pay for it send PM if u have any


stop hijacking peoples threads. if you need one make your own thread…


i would if i could start threads lol >_> i am new to this forums and u need like 50 post or so to start threads


lol @ the major hijacking.


i can’t make new thread…

i’m also looking for

1 sanwa mounting plate

1 5 pin connector wire harness