Need joystick art

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can be kind enough to draw me a picture of a joystick. It should look just like a standard joystick and I will gladly appreciate it.

Thanks guys

i gave it a shot. i’ll upload a bigger image later. if you want color and shadows just let me know

mannn thats really niceeee!!! can u color it? i want to see how it would turn out. Thank you!!!

What do you need the art of a joystick for?

thanks. i’ll give it some color and lighting


this one has colored lines:

this one has all black lines:

i can easily change the color of the box and buttons but the balltop is pretty much stuck with black. let me know what you want

I like the color lines one im going to use that one. thanks alot. i owe u one. you going to evol? i wanna buy u a drink

Give him half of your evo earnings :lovin:

i wish i could go to evo but i have no money right now:sad:. i’ll catch you at evo 2009.
glad you like the art. good luck at evo!

Man, good shit poot!

Justin, I heard from Fanatiq you weren’t going to Evo, I guess that’s not true. Anyway, heard a bunch of you guys weren’t coming, I heard that Smooth Viper and like one other person were official. Just wanted to know so we know who’s gonna be there.


-Tha Hindu

yea im going to evol and cant wait.

But pootnannies can u draw me your version of a powerglove? and color it like with black and white/gray.

haha thanks im trying to make business cards if people r wondering what im using these drawings for.

like the nintendo powerglove?

yeaa pleaseeee.