Need Kara palm help(Vids included!)

I cant do it. I just cant. i nearly get the opponent with the palm on some occasions but i dunno what to do. here are clips:

They were performed with a pad, a PS2 pad. that may be the majority of the blame accompanied with my bad execution. anyway, any pointers?

hmm, I saw your vids, the only problem is the timing (execution is correct)
you can perform them in pads with more training and less room to miss, heheh

anyway, the timing to kara the three moves is pretty strict, and also, starting kara-palming from a palm is pretty hard…

First, you have to polish the kara’ing:
-Go to training mode, activate GJ, and see if you can kara to any normal correctly (done right, yun perform the second normal, standing where his attacking elbow was, or the longest distance possible)

-then, kara the desired normal to the palm (normally or Done correctly, yun will be some inches forward, and you can barely see his hand(, or hear the dive kick shout, TOOP!( This can be done outside GJ too

-when your execution of both become somewhat solid, try to join the three moves together.
Again, if done correctly, yun will be several inches forward from start point, and he appears to stagger(robot-like) between moves. For a fun training, cross the screen with kara palms (when you can do flawlessly, starting from the other side, 4 or 5 suffice to get near the dummy)

-now, to stick in combos, there is something boring and fundamental to notice…the recoil of the moves. Every palm or other standing move makes yun recoil. If you start the kara-palm during the recoil, yun won’t move at all…even if you get the kara right. So the training now is to palm the dummy and check the recoil time. When yun stops the recoil, you input kara-palm (first just palm, then watch the distance and time, then palm and do the kara to normal to see if you go forward, and just then go for the 2nd palm)

-the higher the opponent, the easier to kara-palm. To start training reps, lift opponent with close, and proceed palming. When you get used go for lower launchers

check my sticky thread for more info!
hope it helps

ah good tip, when you start to get consistency on execution
if you use it, hold during the input, to avoid the negative edge that can mess your kara-palm is the best one to kara anyways, lol

Thanks so much! I will most definitely use this info! Thank you man

glad I could help, heheh
report your findings later!