Need laptop help

So here’s my situation:
My laptop fell the other day. The screen froze and made a loud buzzing sound. I turned it off and turned it back on and got a blue screen saying “the system is not APCI compliant.” So I opened up the back to see if anything was wrong, and one of my RAM cartridges was broken. I took the RAM cartridge out and turned it on, and it began to boot up, but it went to System Restore. This would be fine, except my keyboard and mouse do not work for some reason, so I’m unable to select anything. The keys work right when the laptop boots up, but once it goes to either the Bios or the System Restore menu, everything stops. Any help is much appreciated.

Do you mean keyboard and mouse as in built in keyboard and trackpad?

Try a USB keyboard and see if you can get passed system restore.

I’ve tried that, but a USB keyboard doesn’t work, I think because I can’t get to windows to install the drivers for it.