Need Madcatz TE Round 2 troubleshoot help

iv been lurking around this site for awhile trying to improve my gaming,finally switched from pad to fightstick.Iv had it for a month without problem.took it to my friends house left it over night and his son got ahold of it,long story short the joystick is in the neutral position but at char select its constantly going to the right like its being held. when i push it to the left it stops going haywire but,as soon as i let off of it it starts going to the right again… the switch is set to DP.

any help would be appreciated ty.

its ps3 if that helps.

First and foremost, it may just be easiest to contact madcatz for a replacement. If you have only had it for about a month, then it’s still under warranty. That’d be the best option unless if you really want to fix it yourself. Contacting customer support by phone instead of email tends to yield the best results

The problem is likely one of these:

1)Your 5 pin connector is going haywire. To test this, open it up and unplug the little connecter to the joystick. If it’s still going right after you unplug it from the joystick, unplug that same wire from the other end, from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). If it stops, it’s likely that your connector is shorting out, and it’d be best to order this nice replacement one: JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks

2)Joystick’s TP-MA PCB is going bad or the microswitch is stuck in the closed position. If when you unplug it from the joystick, and the right stops firing (but not the PCB), then the joystick is likely to blame. The way to fix this is to either replace the joystick, or just the TP-MA PCB (Which isn’t hard to do). Note that there is a slim chance that BOTH the connector and joystick are toast, and without a multimeter, it’s hard to tell if they are both broken without fixing one to find that the other is broken, too.

3)PCB problem (least likely), somewhere in that mess, something caused a short circuit in the wiring or the PCB, and this is probably a worst-case scenario. It just means a ground has shorted with the right direction (This doesn’t hurt anything, it just causes the PCB stuck sending out right). It is probably fixable, but may require a bit more technical knowledge to fix. This would be the case only if you unplug the harness from BOTH sides and that the thing still sends out Right. This is why it would be best to contact madcatz, because running into this would probably be a very bad thing if you’ve not got a bit of technical know-how

Here’s what to do if you want to try it yourself. Just open up the TE, then unplug the five-pin connector from the joystick. Plug it in to see if it continues to fire out right. If it does, unplug the connector from the PCB. Then try to figure out the problem from above.

i opened it up unplugged the 5pin from joystick plugged it back in and it still was doing it. then unplugged it from the pcb and it was still happening with the 5pin completely unplugged. what do i need to do next? im willing to take the whole thing apart and do what needs to be done.

Somewhere, there is a short between Ground and the right direction. Harmless to the PCB, but renders the stick useless. Examine the PCB. Look at the side of CN3, where you unplugged the harness. Is the pin labeled GND by any chance touching the R next to it?

it doesn’t look like it. got out the magnifying glass and everything lol
this is a round2 controller