Need matchup experience against good players

***EDIT: SSF4:AE ***
character doesn’t matter. I want them all. PSN ID is Graphf.

Mainly looking for people who can beat me. If we add and I can beat you consistenly then we go our seperate ways. Hoping to learn the matchups better and have a good connection. Thanx in advance.

I play Vega and Ibuki. Sometimes Bison

Welcome to SRK. 2 suggestions:

  1. Don’t stay online, come out to play people offline at gatherings, offline and the real games are two different things, we are gonna meet downtown at the Best Western by the space needle on the 20th, you will get WAY more matchup experience there in one night than a week online,

and, 2) SFIV is not the only fighting game, it would be a good idea to mention what game you are wanting training partners for in the thread title, your post is a mystery until the very last sentence where someone can only figure out what game you’re talking about by deductive reasoning.

I;ve been a registered member longer then you.

  1. easier said then done or I wouldn’t be making this thread. Work, school, ect…
  2. Figured the inclusion of WHO I PLAY as a pretty clear indication of what game I am talking about about BUT YES, SSF4:AE is the game since it was such a mystery.

Easy there champ. Just trying to get more people to take part in the community. And descriptive thread titles are a good idea so that people that don’t play SFIV don’t waste time clicking on threads.

edited the main post.

I would love to take a more active role but for now this is the best that I can do to up my game. I figure that even though offline is superior without a doubt, online with other people in the same area would cut down on lag and be the next best thing.