Need matchup experience Yang vs Bison

Greeting everyone.

I currently need matchup experience on the Yang - Bison matchup.

Really appreciate if you guys can help.

Gamertag is PJS Iketakeda

I haven’t had much experience against good Yangs yet, but I try to keep him out then punish him much as possible for mistakes. His up kicks or whatever are a really good reversal too, so jumping in on his wake up is risky.

Be careful about teleport escape or ex crusher when Yang has U2… I played like 50-60 games of my Bison vs KDZ’s Yang, and ate U2 a few too many times than I should have. Think of Yang as Fei Long with a dive kick. If you get stuck in the corner, there’s a good chance that the round is over. So you want to try to hold your ground and do whatever you can to stay out of the corner! Yang can be safe jumped against fairly easily. His LK upkick has 5 frame startup and it’s the only one with decent invincibility. Think of it like Sagat’s TU. If you can safe jump a TU you can probably apply the same setup vs Yang. The EX one is 4 frame startup but IIRC doesn’t have invincibility. The matchup is prob 6-4 Yang, but it’s winnable if you pick your spots properly…

wait till next update lol, he getting hit with nerf truck

Next update tones Yang down, but he’s still the same character… Mainly damage output changes (granted I haven’t studied the changes…)… So he might have to hit you with one/2 more combos to win, but its not like they are changing his play style?

that cross up nerf is pretty big, didnt they add a dive kick restriction as well, should be easier to AA with roundhouse now I would say.

But real talk, vs both twins you need to watch your spacing. There is a sweetspot, and a rape spot I like to say. Keep twins about a character away with a lead and you should be good to go. In that spot you can AA them and react with ease to whatever they try to do to you. If they get in your zone you are in trouble. If I get knocked down, I don’t tech… gives me more time to see what they are doing.

Don’t mash crouch tech, just take the grab if you must and try to see what they are trying to do. You will get blown up if you mash crouch tech carelessly here.

I normally say turtling is cool, but not here. They have too many get in for free moves and I’ve had times and seen times with even top bipson players who lose leads because we turtled into a corner. Controlling space is key here, and not letting them in the danger zone.

they have punishable reversals, pressure them, and bait their reversals with back warp from time to time. Do it right it’s a free back throw + safe jump (like yun kicks out, you warped, you are next to him and can grab him and start mixup/pressure.)

air camp proactively and on reaction is good too. I like neutral jump medium kick for air camping and neutral jump heavy kick for AA reaction. You must get twins to respect your space. It’s key.

Isn’t the OP asking for Bison’s to play against?

[media=youtube]Bw3BbECWpDw[/media] well damn, i should of actually read what he said

TC we have a thread for that here, make sure to state if you are on xbawks or psn

They are adding more height restriction to Yun. Yang got his hurtbox adjusted, might be easier to AA him.