Need more fireballs

Hey guys, I am primarily an online player sitting at g2-B and 2500 BP, and I feel that defines my skill level pretty well because most of the time I beat players at lower CP/BP and get blown out by players higher than me. I main Ryu and am comfortable with FADC ultra and the bread and butter links. I notice when I watch match videos of high level Ryu play there seems like there is a constant stream of hadokens going on, where as in my games getting even a little bit happy with the fireball usually results in a free jump in combo for my opponent. The lack of screen control usually either puts me back on my heels as I hope to land enough anti-air or ground SRK’s interrupting blocked link combos, or leaves me jumping entirely too much at close range trying to force cross ups. I know a lot of this is feel or instinct but if there are any tips on developing this sense I would really appreciate it.

I would avoid trying to throw a lot of fireballs right at the start of a match. Put a couple out there to get the other person nervous, and then anti-air them or hit them when the dash up. Once they’re a little more timid about approaching you than you can start throwing more. Each fireball is a bit of a mind game though, there’s always some risk involved. It’s just a matter of reading your opponent, which is a matter of practice. Just keep playing and you’ll get the hang of it.

learn ranges and opponent tendencies. learn the range where an opponent can punish fireballs on reaction then learn the range where they have to guess jump to punish them. then see if theyre the kind of person that tries to guess jump over fireballs a lot. if they are, don’t throw as many fbs and dp them all day. if they’re not throw as many fireballs as you want as long as youre in that range.

Learn how to zone with fireballs. What I have learned watching top-play videos is that they throw out Light Fireballs at close-medium range. This is because they can DP on reaction if the opponent times their jump-ins wrong, where as if you throw a Medium/Hard fireball, there is almost no time to recover when the opponent is jumping in.

Safe Medium/Hard are good against far-medium range, especially against fireball battles with Sagat or Ryu, but not too safe when a character like Chun, Abel, or Boxer has an Ultra stocked up, fireballs will be punished via Ultra.

Also, make sure you are just not ‘spamming’ out fireballs, that will get you severely punished.

Baiting out ultras/fireballs with fireballs are also good. If you know that for example a Chun player is waiting for you to throw out a fireball to get her ultra in, throw a fireball but FADC-backdash and punish when ultra is finished. Also, you can bait out fireballs to get in a Ultra. For example, if you are playing against another Ryu player, you can try to bait out a fireball from the opponent. If you are at medium range and the opponent throws out a fireball, punish it with a Ultra. This will get full hits on the opponent, but also the fireball that they threw out will also trade with you and you’ll take that fireball damage.

Be wary of you and your opponents gauges.

Its called spacing. Control space and limit the opponents options. There should be a a video on this exact tactic on the Ryu forum.

Check out this video.


Taken from ST Wiki
Ryu’s ideal positioning against most characters is at the very end of their jump arc - this gives him the maximum amount of time to recover from a Hadouken, while still being in range to hit them with a Shoryuken if they try to jump.

Ryu’s famous Fireball Trap is a simple but deadly pattern he can follow on a cornered opponent. After scoring a knock-down on an opponent in the corner, Ryu can first position himself at the end of their jump arc, and then throw a lp Hadouken as they are getting up. The lp Hadouken hits meaty, after which Ryu can immediately throw a second lp Hadouken, which hits just after the first. Finally, he throws a fp Hadouken just as the second lp Hadouken ends.

If done correctly, the enemy cannot jump out of this pattern. If they try to jump between any of these fireballs, the next fireball will hit them on the way up, they will be knocked down, and the pattern can be begun again. If they decide to jump after the last fireball in the pattern, Ryu can use his Shoryuken to knock them out of the sky and back into the corner. Then he can throw a meaty lp Hadouken as they are getting up, and repeat the process all over again.

Most of this still works in SF: 4 but be aware that most Ultras and Supers are temporarily invincible…

Wow guys, thanks for all of the feedback, I really appreciate it. Will be spending some time with all of this information.

it’s cause they can. while learning the distance is good, that’s not all there is. you have to know where to throw fireballs, have good footsies, good anti-air. all of these contribute to having a good fireball game. reason why opponents don’t jump in that much on someone like choi, daigo, valle, etc. etc. is cause they know that they’ll get a dp to the face. but, let’s say your anti-air game isn’t that good then your opponent will more than likely take a risky jump-in cause your anti-air is weak. also most important is playing your opponent. if they’re jumpy then you don’t have to throw that much fireballs.

If you make them afraid to jump then you can build up so much chip damage from them blocking your hadoukens.

What do these higher level players do when their poke hadoukens get FADC’d?