Need neo advice


I need to make a neo aes stick PCB.
Are these wired directly to the console or will I need a PCB?

Not seen one open you see :slight_smile:

No PCB. Ignore the pinouts that say button D needs to be wired to both pin 4 and 9. Just use this:

Of course +5v is not needed unless you plan on fitting LEDs, autofire circuit, etc.

Perfect, thanks mate.


I have Neo Geo pad coverter to PSone hack pad but need 5 volts for ground commons on Neo Geo pad. it’s strange joystick (Old Style) is fine. Do you know where +5 volt in PCB from PSone series “H”.

So you’ve made a converter out of a PSone pad to use the Neo Geo pad on the Playstation, right? But the Neo pad doesn’t work because it needs 5v and there’s nowhere to tap it from on the PSone pad? There’s no easy workaround for this I’m afraid. You would need to fit some regulator in the converter to get 5v from 3.3v.

Yes, right! and Yes. I know it Neo Geo Pad need 5 volt for common ground. How (Old Style) Neo Geo joystick is worked but not need 5 volt. it’s weird!:wtf: I want play Neo Geo pad on PlayStation2. :sad:

5v is not used as common ground (that’s quite a contradiction in terms!) but to power a TTL circuit (one of the 74LS series, don’t remember which). I think the pad can be modified to work without any logic, like the old style stick or an MVS cp. I don’t have a NGCD pad to check the details though (I hate it).