Need neo geo pad pinout colours

I did ask this and MKL was kind enough to show me the standard neo stick pinout and the corresponding wire colours.

However the neo pads (of which I dont have, I only have the cable which I have wired to a custom stick)
The neo pads use a different colour for each pin.

Could someone please tell me which is which.


Well brown on my Neo-Geo stick is the ground wire. That should help you a little with trial and error.

I’ve taken a photos of the innards of the controller. It may or may not help you to find the proper colors.

The controller:

Back of the board and stick:

Wiring leading into the board on the top, wiring leading out to the stick on the bottom:

The circuit board:

Neo-Geo controller pin out info again:

I hope this helps or somebody has a clearer answer shortly.

That shows the new style stick is the same as the old style stick plus a sky blue wire for +5V.

Will the NGCD pad really be different?

It should not be different. It’s the same cables from what I understand.

It is the same cable.
I cut one up, dremmeled the connector apart.
Dark green was ground with blue below it.
I couldn’t see the others for damage.

I have worked out something else now though.
Thanks anyway guys.