Need new Avatar

Can someone help me get a new Dead Pool Avatar ?

I don’t see orange cat around anymore, and I know he was making a lot of avatars for the members of SRK .

Anyone on here want to help this old member out ?

hey id like to give it a try…just a deadpool avatar?

did you want your name on it and such?

i’ll give it a run too…

that’s one

i got another idea floating around… brb

^^^too much contrast.

aw yea, give me a few minutes on that pm, m1x.


oh shatterstar, thanks mang

btw: i’m not tantin, i suck at this… but i thought it was a good idea…

yeah, the pic i had was blurry, so the contrast made it a LOT clearer… so i went with it.

now that’s hot.

heres my shot…

Woah !

I just didn’t get only one , but a couple. Thanks guys ! How do I give all of you rep points ? O_O ;;

I would like to use all of the images. Is there any chance these avatars could be increased to signature size, so I can wear them on other forums ?

rep points are for only premiums