Need new character

Well i need help picking a character to use for my team. I currently use Wolvie to start and Dormammu as an anchor. I used zero in mvc3 and did pretty good, but i’m no bueno with him on umvc3 so any suggestions?

I would like someone who is a good balance for my team, i try to use other characters like Dante, Akuma, Wesker, Iron Fist, Nova, and Frank West but I haven’t practiced with them much.

Dante’s good in any team imo. He’s very good with Wolvie for Jam Session and extending combos. Same goes for Wesker, he’s solid in every team and his OTG assist can help a lot as well with Wolvie and Dorm.

And I hate to recommend Dante to people because he’s my personally least favorite character to see (yes I play Wesker, so don’t point it out kthnx)

Wolvie and ryu work pretty well in a team together. Usually because wolverine is sitting there on point going nuts and building meter for Ryu.

Wolverine with Akuma’s Tatsu is a pretty popular choice.