Need new fightstick artwork and willing to compensate


I have been trying to get into contact with the person who normally does my art but i don’t think he’s around anymore. I also posted in the request thread and have not gotten a reply back, so with that being said, here’s my idea on the artwork i’d like.

I have a few ideas for this next design on my SFxT PRO fight stick.

I want to go with a Black Dynamite Theme fightstick and have the standard colored pushbuttons that come with the stick, i’d like to keep the pushbuttons the same, but if i have to purchase new buttons based on the design you choose I may have to go that route.

I’d like the background to remain black like on the images I’ve linked to you.

These are some of the designs i’m thinking of using:

These are the 2 main images and i’d like this kanji placed somewhere on the stick, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this font but i’d greatly appreciate it.

I’d also like my GT: “KC’s NOTOR1OUS” somewhere on the stick as well.

I would appreciate your help.

TL:DR; Returning customer hoping you can design my next fight stick artwork.



Oh and on the first image i’d like the adult swim and the time removed as well.