Need new Morrigan Av

This one is pretty old, and I need some newness. I usually turn to GuMz to get new avs, but I don’t feel like hassling him yet again. (Though if you want to do it, you’re more than welcome to. :lol: )

Well, here’s something for you guys to work with.

Any of those would be fine.

:sad: Dang it. I just restored my laptop and don’t have Photoshop in it just yet. I would have taken this request too, I was wanting to make a Morrigan avatar at some point… dood.

I’ll do one. . . .


There’s my shot…

Edit: Visible Full Name

The scanlines look hot Sas

:tup: BULLZEYE… dood!

LoL. You two are too kind. :tup:

Curious on your decision of Morrigan super imposed on Mai. They are both hot on their own right, heh looks wierd to me, (Concept) but great looking AV, Sasmasta, how did you do those scanlines like that?

For scanlines, what I personally do is make a transparent width (whatever amount) x 2 px height image. Then I use the line tool and make it 1 pixel + black. One of the pixel lines I’ll fill with black while I leave one transparent, then I go to Edit -> Define Pattern. Then you do a pattern overlay in your blending options on your main image and it should show up as scanlines… you can also go more than 2 px height if you want bigger scanlines… like 4 px height then fill in the bottom or top 2 pixels with black.

Scanline Tut!

-Open up a new document in Photoshop [CTRL+N]

-Set width and height to 2 [pixels].

-You’ll get a very small document. Zoom in on the navigator so you can see it up close [400% will do]

-Grab your pencil tool [size=1]

-Fill in the upperhalf of the document with a straight line [using your pencil tool. It should only be 2 pixels across].


-You got yourself some scanlines! [I set it to OVERLAY when I use it so I can see underneath it.]

Pizza Pizza Edit: I gotta give credit where credit is due! I learned this tut thanks to one of the old stickies posted by Rei [I think]. Gridlines were there too. Just make a 6x6 document and using the pencil tool, draw a + sign in it then EDIT->DEFINE PATTERN. Nice AV’s epp1e. I like the first one’s text coloring. :tup:

sas and epp1e, you two make great stuff. keep it up. :tup:

Some really nice stuff, thanks guys! I’ll be sure to save and use them all sometime in the future. :wgrin:

Super imposed? You don’t know Morrigan too well. She uses other’s outfits all the time.

epp1e = up and comer.

Good shit dude.


The rose, anakaris, and cammy are fucking drop-dead sexy.


Wow, are these fan arts or something? I’ve never ran across any of these in my ‘browsing’ days. :tup:

Side Note: These make me a Morrigan fan.