Need new spring


currently have a MvC TE stick.
I want the spring to have a little more tension, and from what I saw, lordofultima used a ls-33 + stock spring in combination.
however, lizardlick is all out, so is there a spring that has the combined tension?

i want medium-ish tension, atm it feels like there is too much wiggle room.


i used the same thing, worked great. I think a ls-32 spring would give you similar results, maybe slightly less tight? not sure


stretch out the stock spring, you’ll notice a pretty substantial difference instantly


wouldn’t the spring give way after a couple days of use and return to normal tensin?

and the ls-32 looked extremely tight.


it’ll last for quite a while, the more you stretch it the stiffer it gets and the longer it lasts. The time it takes for it too go back to normal would be not too much different than the time it takes for the ls-32 spring to loosen inside the JLF. Besides you can always stretch it back out. I did this to my jlf probably several months ago, the spring is about as stiff as my ls-32 right now without having to stretch it again.

#6 has Ls-32, 33 and 56 springs in stocks. You could buy one of each, mix and match until you find the right tension; that’s what Im gonna do along with putting an octogate.


LS-55 spring = love. It may be a little tight for some. It feels similar to a stock LS-32.