Need noobie training partners


hi guys im new to sf4 and i wanna get good anyone down to get some online matches? preferably someone as wack as i am cuz im still learning basics lol


I don’t mind training you and playing any character matchup you wish for. If you’re looking to main any specific guys I don’t mind being of service. Depends which SF version though.


for the xbox. sure if u dont mind beating me up then im down lol my xbox live tag: drunk g1rl


Alright cool. DAKO360 WOLF here.


Umvc3 and injustice here from UK ft dizzygunner1878


newbie as well GT: Royaldeath02


im new in ssf4ae, MvC3 and injustice.
gamertag: Charadao


im a newbie to i play AE my gt is: WitchDocEK


Which SF4?