Need opinion/critique. Which color theme is best?






I personally like the 1st one

I’m digging the 2nd one myself.

1st for me

I like the last one. Blue is a very calming color and that seems to be what you’re going for. Also the contrast makes it the easiest to see what’s going on imo. I’d say the second one is probably the hardest to look since the light gray is similar to the skin tone, although you can see the film better. They all look good though.

2nd one

wow… getting a lot of mixed answers. makes it a little bit harder but in a good way. thx for all the input so far.

Arcas:yeah the 2nd one was actually the original, but i ended up liking the 1st one the most personally.

o yeah… this design is supposed to be a tshirt design. so take in account on what u guys think would fit the best in a shirt.

Well for a shirt I actually do like the first one better. Neutral colors seems to work better with clothing I guess.

First one.

I love pastels.

first one, it appeal more to me

The first one

coo… thx everyone again. the 1st one is looking like the choice here. i still might keep the 3rd one also.

oh and heres the placement and how it can look like in a shirt

That’s some top stuff, Def1n1tely!

I’m really diggin’ it. Make 3x.

i like 1 and 3, but i can see all of them working

I like 3 the best but 1 is good as well…Hell they all would look good on a shirt to me!

I would rock 1 or 2 personally cause they are casual looking shirts that are easier to match an outfit with then 3 imho. Besides not everyone looks blue so generic colors are a safe why to go… =p

BTW: Nice design

The third one sticks itself out from the crowd, imo. With the design on the tshirt, the blue looks dynamic and pops out more to the eye then the grays do.

Good stuff, keep it up.