Need Opinion: Modding HRAP3 Performance Vs. Aesthetics


I’m looking to mod the buttons on my HRAP3 sometime during Christmas. I’ve read almost all of the FAQs and have the procedure and tools required to do it down to a “T” pretty much. There’s just one last thing that I wanted to ask and it’s really more user opinions that I’m looking for rather than a definite answer.

I really like the clear coloured Seimitsu buttons, but I hear Sanwa buttons have very good quality and performance though their buttons tend to be solid colours mostly. I’ve never seen these buttons first-hand so I wouldn’t know if there are any distinguishable differences other than its aesthetic design.

In your opinion, how big of a difference in performance (If any) is there between Sanwas and Seimitsus? I want to improve the performance of my stick, but at the same time I also want it to look nicer so that people can actually see that I’ve done something to it.

If the performance gap is like, HUGE, then I’ll opt for whichever one is better, but if the difference is virtually indistinguishable, then I just might go for the Seimitsus since their buttons look nicer.

Thanks in advance!



Seimitsu buttons are slightly stiffer than Sanwa buttons. However, we’re talking about the difference between two AAA buttons so either option is a great choice.


You can also put Sanwa Switches in the seimitsu buttons, which is what the performance is.


It’s easy to feel the difference, it’s just not a difference that really matters performance-wise. It’s mostly because, unlike joysticks, as long as buttons aren’t notably flawed they will all work just fine. When people play on arcade parts that are new or foreign to them, nobody ever complains about the buttons.

Sanwas are more sensitive and feel a little smoother. That is, you have to depress them a lesser distance to trigger them, and depressing them is a lot easier. Seimitsus are a little less sensitive but no less consistent (100%), and a tiiiiny bit rougher to push in but still basically effortless. They both spring back up just as fast. Personally, I’ve never ever heard of anyone who genuinely prefers using Seimitsu buttons, but I’ve only heard of a couple people ever who purposely changed their Seis out for Sanwas. 99.9% of people feel it doesn’t matter.

Supposedly Seimitsu buttons with the stock switches switched out (haha) for Sanwa ones feel almost like full Sanwa buttons: still doesn’t feel exactly the same, but it’s definitely a huge step in that direction. I have no clue how much the curvature of the plunger’s tops or their bezels’ slide actually affect their feel. I wouldn’t know either, I’ve never tried a hybrid. You’re really splitting hairs at this point.

The one thing that’s worth mentioning is that, even though Seimitsus are hardly any tougher to depress and spring back up just as fast as Sanwas, one of the biggest reasons people tend to prefer the Sanwas is that apparently Seimitsu buttons change in feeling a lot over the course of their useful lifetime. I’ve never been told how the feel changes, just that it does. (I’m sure changing them to Sanwa microswitches would take care of that, though.)


i like seimitsu’s for the reason that i rest my hand on the buttons a bit when i play most the time

on sanwa’s that’ll trigger hits sometimes (in guilty gear, accident dust button hits are fuckin fatal :frowning: waste my burst or hand some stupid amount of frames to my opponent for free lol)… but because seimitsu’s need to be depressed a bit more, it has never happened to me

plus i like the click of 'em :smiley: loud 'n proud

but in all honesty, both work great


sanwas are really sensitive. seriously, i feel like the air vacuum my hand creates when i pull my hand back is enough to depress the switches.


For Sanwa buttons you literally have to apply the slightest bit of pressure and the buttons will trigger.

But like others have said Seimitsu’s are great too.

The question is do you want the clear buttons to sacrifice the tiniest of sensitivities?
That’s up to you.

Personally I never liked the look of clear Seimitsu buttons w/ art inside them. The art doesn’t exactly look ‘in place’ at least I think.

If you have art that would look distorted due to the Sanwa buttons, maybe instead of using Seimitsu’s do some photoshopping or choose a different art layout so that having the Sanwa buttons taking up space on the art doesn’t affect it too much.


Supposedly the SC2 stick is not easy to mod well.

edit: uh holy cow I definitely meant this for a different thread :confused:


If you are new to the parts, and are used to the hori buttons or any other lesser variation, any button you put in will feel like night and day. And on top of that if you only play one type of button than you just pick what’s best. I play seis on my sticks, I like having the clear plunger for artwork or the skellies for light-up mods, and all of my friends play sanwas. I have no problem playing the sanwas, if anything to me they are too sensitive, as I also play with hands on buttons and accidental triggers suck in GG. I never run into that problem with my seis.

 Out of my handful of friends who use my stick occasionally, one has a problem with my stick, but lesser for my buttons and more because of my JLF octag over his JLW circle. He complains jokingly about how stiff my buttons are, but they are not stiff enough that you can not have button activations when you need them. Sanwas need like a dime to activate, seis are about a quarter or so in comparison. They both can still just be fingertip pressed with no real force.


Okay cool. Thank you all for the replies!

It seems as though that there aren’t any overly significant differences between the Sanwas and Seis other than the fact that Sanwas seem to trigger on even the slightest of wind in their vicinity. Since I’m the type who likes to tap around a lot and place my fingers on my buttons, I guess I’ll opt for the Seis.

Now all I need to do is figure out a good colour scheme using those clear buttons. The biggest problem with the HRAP3 for me is that the stock face-panel has this carbon-fiber design on it and since the entire thing is black (As opposed to the HRAP2 and HRAP3 SA where the face-panel is silver) there aren’t that many colours that go well with it (At least not for my tastes)

The blue clear seimitsus don’t look too shabby, especially with a blue bubbletop, but I’m trying to steer clear of that since I’ve seen at least two users here who’ve used that colour scheme already. I guess I’ll figure something out! XD

Thanks again!


Seimitsus are also not as sensitive because they have not only a little resistance to them, but they have a midway “Stopping” point. Press down on a seimitsu button really lightly, and it will go half way and stop, apply a little more force and it will go all the way like usual. In a way it’s their own method of not having to press as hard, like the sanwas, since going to this half way point triggers the signal for the button, so you don’t have to go all the way down.


Phoenix Reborn, not to hijack your thread or anything, but I’ve got questions regarding Seimitsu parts as well.

ulovemikeroch, you mentioned to me in the Happ Parts thread that I ought to do the AkihabaraShop JLF Ultimate Mod on my HRAP2:SA. How does the performance of the JLF with that mod compare to a standard LS-32? Are they comparable enough to warrant basically no noticeable difference or would I be better off going Seimitsu?

On the matter of microswitches, how would one swap the microswitches on Seimitsu buttons for Sanwa ones? And for that matter, anybody try out the OBS-M-1 microswitches yet? How do they feel compared to standard Sanwa or Seimitsu microswitches?


No worries. This is all a part of the learning process for me. The more I know about these sticks, the more confident I’ll feel when I actually mod it. So if you have any questions pertaining them, feel free to ask if you want. I may be able to learn something as well.


I haven’t used Seimitsu buttons yet, as I just finished my first stick with Sanwa but I can attest to the fact that Sanwas are extremely sensitive. Like someone said above, I can’t even rest my fingers on the buttons without activating them, and I have relatively small-average sized hands.

My next stick will have Seimitsu buttons/stick so I can feel the difference but from what I’ve been reading it’s negligible and both work just fine :slight_smile:


I prefer semitus to sanwas. Here is my sensitivity scale.

Sanwa > Semitzu > Happs with Sanwas being the most sensitive. Also Sanwas dont click. You see action without actually feeling a button push. Too sensitive for my style of play. Semizu are a nice happy medium.


This post explains the difference between them the best. I’ve tried both and I prefer sanwas because of the 2 stage press on the seimitsus. I play chun alot and mashing a single kick is WAY easier on the sanwas. When I had the seimitsus it just felt way muddy to me. I do get accidental presses due to the high sensitivity. It’s really down to play style, but the ease of press and the sensitivity of the sanwas just makes my panties wet.


i have sanwa punches and seimetsu kicks…works for me lol


I have a quick side-question about those quick disconnects on the buttons. I noticed that there are two wires that go into each button. When you replace them, does it matter which wire goes into which plug for a single button, or can you just plug both wires into any and it’ll still work?

I’m not talking about the colours because I know each button has a specific coloured wire that needs to be matched up to work properly.


broken in seimitsus i wana say after about 20,000 or so presses are MMMMMM GOOOD!