Need Opinions for Converters or Modding for MvC2

The main thing that I want to do is play MvC2 online for the XB360. I currently am using a Hori EX 2 and I’m hating the stick; the buttons are fine…for now.

I came up with a few options, and I would like some input on what would be the best.

I have a Dreamcast green stick, a Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition stick for the XBox (currently the whole thing isn’t working, the stick itself might be okay), and a X-Arcade stick. Money is an issue.

1)Replace the stick in my Hori with a Happ stick. This is relatively cheap, and my main concern is the stick not fitting into the Hori box. I’ve read about people having to saw off parts and such.

2)Find a converter for Dreamcast to XB360. I still can’t find one, and I didn’t see on in the sticky. Maybe a converter from Dreamcast to something else to XBox 360? I don’t know how much this would cost, how many things I’d have to link, and most importantly, what the input lag would be.

3)Find a converter for my X-Arcade stick. I currently have a PS/2 (not the console) adapter, a PS2 adapter, and a XBox adapter for it. The stick’s broken, and I would probably have to pay an assload of shipping to get it fixed. I have no idea what kind of stick it uses (it looks like Happ but I guess not), and so far it seems to be shunned by the community.

4)Take the stick out from the Anniversary Edition and toss it into the Hori. Again I’m worried that the lack of space in the Hori box might be an issue.

Perhaps I can somehow move the the circuit board and rearrange the button alignment of the Hori stuff so that they would fit into Anniversary Edition box?

If you hate the EX 2, then go American, since the EX2 is fine for a Japanese Arcade Stick. I’m sure if you take the time to read through the first posts of all the stickies, you’ll find the info you’re looking for.


  1. Replace the stick in my Hori with a Happ stick.
    Don’t even consider it. This is not a viable option at all.

2/3) Find a converter for Dreamcast to XB360. There is no viable converter that allows you to use your controllers on the 360. There’s a laggy one out their for PS2-to-Xbox that’ll run you $90 last I checked. No personal experience in this area though, because using converters is always the least-desirable option.

  1. No. Your best option is probably keeping the Anniversary edition for the big-box, and working-parts, and just gutting the thing for a dual-system mod, or replacing the PCB inside with a 360 PCB.

I would recommend having someone wire up a PCB for you for use with the Anniversary stick (which is actually a great stick). There are people who sell wired-PCBs in the trade forum. You’ll want to work with people on this, or take it upon yourself to learn the ins and outs of doing your own soldering, which isn’t that hard, but could end up costing you just as much if you accidentally mess up your first attempt.

Oh and, the Anniversary stick takes happ-sticks quite easily, so swapping out the current one with a Happ Perfect 360 would be your best option, but this mod isn’t the priority if you’re already comfortable with the stick as-is.