Need People to Start Making TS6 AVs

Texas Showdown is less than 2 months away.

I need good Texas area AV makers to create some for people to use.

A standard one with different characters for different people would be nice.

Let’s see those skills!

And a trailer!

Example of one used last year:

Official Thread on TS6:

too bad i suck at AV’s…

look at mine! :confused:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: PR0N pfft:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

whats wrong with the one that kingdom made


i’d make a bunch of my photoshop would work =( i’ll see what i can do. i’ll probably make some tomorrow or something

cuz i just threw it together! :rofl:

i can make a nice one, but too lazy…lol.


ill see if i can come up with something basic

oh yeah forgot about this. kk i’ll steal someone’s photoshop and whip some good stuff up. if you guys want personalized ones, let me know soon. character/game-> username.

If you could make a basic background and just put different char sprites and usernames, that would be great.


I made one for myself. What do ya’ll think? I’m a n00b at photoshop but since I left SG early, I desided to fuck around and make one. I’ll try diff versions as well. Photoshop/Imageready combo own.

here is something simple for a start. gah… i hate using imageready and then realizing i have to do more stuff in photoshop. too lazy for that.

actually wow holy shit these are hella weak. you guys REALLY want it with animated sprites? i’ll be able to make much better stuff if i can get rid of the animations

Made one more before bed. I’ll try new shit tomorrow.

I was gonna use a mvc2 Magnus sprite but I’m too sleepy. Plus I’m sick. I’mma go chug some cough sryup and pass out.

hm just another quick one. i’ll take time to make stuff tomorrow

make me one with Yun please =x

l337 that last one is pretty nice
id take one with vega(claw) if youve got the time.